Jaiden is usually a busy gal, however this time, she'll be buried in a lot of work. She has to make videos, clean up the house, do chores, and many more! Since she can't handle all that, Jaiden decides to make a mechanical replica of herself called the Auto-Jaiden, in order to handle all the work, while she does whatever she likes, like animating, drawing art, and many more. But, when Jaiden's robotic creation goes haywire and wrecks havoc over Arizona, Jaiden and her friends must stop Auto-Jaiden before it goes on a robo-rampage!



Jaiden's a busy gal. A really busy gal. Her schedule makes it a bit hard for her to do most of the things she loves to do. She usually has less work to do, but one faithful day, Jaiden faces her worst nightmares. And it's not the destruction of Fridjitzu. That won't happen.

It's 8:00AM in the morning. Jaiden's alarm clock buzzes, and Jaiden dismisses the alarm. Ari then repeats the buzzing, and Jaiden is confused. She dismissed it already, so what's going on?

Jaiden: Huh? Why is my alarm clock still buzzing? I thought I turned off the alarm– *notices Ari repeating the sounds* Oh, good morning Ari. Geez, Ari, don't do that. You're making me confused!

Ari stops.

Jaiden: Oh well. Time to eat some breakfast.

Jaiden steps out of her room, and goes downstairs to the dining room, with Ari following her. Jaiden grabs a bowl, a box of Frosty Fluffs, a milk jug, some bird food, and puts everything on the table. Jaiden prepares the cereal, and eats it. She then puts bird food into Ari's food bowl.

Jaiden: Alright, time to check on some stuff.

Jaiden goes to her computer, starts it up, and goes to the e-mail client. And look at the massive amount of e-mails!

Jaiden: Oh, shoot! Guess I'll have to clear some space on my inbox.

Push notifications! Twitter notifications!! Everything notifications!!!

Jaiden: Good grief....

Jaiden looks at the calendar and her to-do list...and it's a motherlode of tasks! Comments! Chores! Events! Too much to handle!

Jaiden: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Jaiden's scream is heard all over Arizona and beyond!

Jaiden:*slams her head on her desk* Ughhh....What am I gonna do? *Idea!* Wait a minute, I got it!

Jaiden goes to her basement, which is actually a memelab!

Jaiden: Alright, Jaiden. Time to conceptualize this.

Montage! Jaiden decides to draw out a bunch of concepts, only to toss them in the trash.

Jaiden: This is never gonna work! Ari, give me an idea. A spark! Anything!

Ari gives Jaiden a mirror.

Jaiden: A mirror...? But that's useless, what am I going to do with a– Wait a minute, Ari! You're a genius! I'm gonna build a robot in my own image, that can do all the work for me! Then, I can finally rest and do whatever I want! Which is ironically what the robot's work is.

Montage again! Jaiden builds the robot. She molds all the parts, creates the circuits, and tests out the mechanisms. She then decides to build the rest of the robot, like the arms, the eyes, the monowheel, and much more. Then, after 2 days pass, Jaiden has done it....without any sleep at all. The Auto-Jaiden!

Jaiden: Finally, I did it! 3 days without sleep, and I finally made it. The answer to all my problems!

James: Hey, Jaiden! Whoa, you look terrible! Have you gotten enough sleep?

Jaiden: Nope. But I did invent the greatest thing I made: The Auto-Jaiden! Pretty cool name, huh?

TimTom: It looks just like you.

Jaiden: Exactly! I built this robot to deal with my excessive amount of work.

James: Okay. Wait a minute, you do realize the dangers of the robot going haywire, right?

Jaiden: Yeah...probably...

TimTom: ...huh. Jay, are you okay?

Jaiden: Yeah yeah, I am, I am.

James: *to TimTom* Jaiden's feeling a bit weird.

TimTom: *to James* I'm sure she probably had a stressful day.

Jenny arrives.

Jenny: Hey Jaiden! What are you up to?

Jaiden: Oh, hey, Jenny! How'd you get here so fast?

Jenny: Wonderful thing: Super Jumps.

Blast arrives too.

Blast: Hi Jaiden! *notices she looks tired* Uh, you look like you haven't slept in 3 days. Are you ok?

TimTom: She probably is...isn't...probably not.

Blast: Good thing I'm here. Do you need anything Jaiden?

Jaiden: I could go for some coffee.

TimTom: Covfefe?

James: No, coffee.

Jaiden: Oh, and I want it iced!

Blast: *disappears and returns in a few seconds* Here's your coffee, ice cold just how you like it.

Jenny: Holy Squid Jaiden. How did you get this tired?

Jaiden: I worked on this for a long time.

TimTom: Explains everything.

Jaiden: Enough chit-chat. *drinks the coffee* Now gaze in awe and wonder, as I activate my greatest invention....The Auto-Jaiden!

Jaiden presses a remote. It activates the lab door.

Jaiden: Oops, wrong remote! I meant this one.

Jaiden presses another remote. It turns on the TV.

Jaiden: Oops, wrong one again. Oh, wait the right one was in my lab coat's pocket all along!

Jaiden presses the remote yet again. After a few sparks, the Auto-Jaiden activates!

Auto-Jaiden: Greetings. I am Auto-Jaiden. Currently awaiting command.

TimTom: Whoa, cool!

Blast: Wow, she looks just like you Jaiden! She's pretty! *everyone looks at him, and he blushes* Uh, I mean, she's pretty cool, hehe...

Jenny: Wow! That is awesome! So is this gonna do all of your work?

Jaiden: Uh-huh!

James: I'm still worried about the consequences though......Why aren't you guys worried?!

TimTom: You do know I'm interested in cool hi-tech stuff, right? This marvel is beyond its time period!

Jenny: Jaiden is very smart! This robot has to succeed! Nebula got me really into robots, and this is really cool!

Blast: This is amazing! I never knew you were so smart, Jaiden! *blushes a bit*

Jaiden: With this remote and some voice commands, I can get the Auto-Jaiden to do my tasks in no time! *to remote* Clean my stuff, remove spam and unimportant e-mails from my inbox, and do all my tasks in my to-do lists.

Auto-Jaiden: Sure thing, Jaiden.

The Auto-Jaiden does it all in less than 14 seconds!

TimTom: That's mighty quick!

Jenny: Man! That thing can do it all! In record time!

Jaiden: I'll just......leave this thing...running.....If you need me, I'l be in my bed.....goodnight...

Jaiden goes to her bedroom and sleeps.

James: I'm still worried.

Jenny: Don't worry, man. Nothing can go wrong...

Suddenly, while cleaning the lab, the Auto-Jaiden starts malfunctioning.

Jenny: Huh? What is going on?

After spazzing out and sparking, the Auto-Jaiden stands up, and its eyes glow a red light.

James: I told ya.

TimTom: What's going on?

Auto-Jaiden: Scanning.... Threat detected. Enemy spotted. Attack mode activated.

Jenny: Uh oh...

Blast: Um, what should we do now?

James: RUUUNNN!!!!!

Blast: Yeah, that's sounds good. *starts running* AAAAH!!!

TimTom, James, Blast and Jenny run from the Auto-Jaiden.

Jenny: What's gotten into that thing?! It was fine a minute ago!

Auto-Jaiden: Must destroy- all opposition. Must destroy- everything.

Jaiden: *enters the room* Okay, what is going on? *notices Auto-Jaiden chasing Jenny, TimTom, Blast and James* What the heck?! Gotta shut down this thing! *tries to shut down Auto-Jaiden with the remote, but it doesn't work.* Shoot!

Auto-Jaiden: *Looks at Jaiden* Scanning... big threat detected. You have used me. Now it is time for you to work. Must... annihilate *uses laser canons to attack Jaiden*

Jaiden: Aaah! *dodges*

Blast: Jaiden!!!

Jenny: What are we gonna do?!?!

Blast: We've gotta stop it somehow. No one's gonna shoot Jaiden and get away with it!

Jaiden: Oh geez! What'll we do?

TimTom: Guys? You might wanna check this out.

James: Auto-Jaiden escaped!

Jaiden: This is bad. Real bad. It could wreck havoc over Arizona! We need to stop it. Guys, to the Jaiden-mobile!

Cheesy Batman-style transition!

Jaiden: I present to you, the Jaiden-mobile!

Blast: "Cool".

Jenny: What will that do for us?

Jaiden: It's a vehicle specifically designed for conquering high and low temperatures, different kinds of terrain, example road, mud, spikes, nails, the whole Happy Wheels cast, etc., and is also really versatile and strong.

Jenny: So, we use that to fight that thing?

Jaiden: We're actually going to use the Jaiden-mobile to track the Auto-Jaiden. It does't have built-in weapons, so we must use our own. James, TimTom, in the trunk there are weapons for you to use. Now what weapon should I use?

Jenny: Well, I suspect Fridjitzu will not be very effective. Maybe some kind of fire weapon? *readies her Inkbrush*

Jaiden: I have a blaster that fires E.M.P. shots. That could be useful.

Jenny: Yeah. I still am wondering how this has happened.

Jaiden: Me too.

TimTom: Wait, what's Fridjitzu?

Jenny: It is an art that revolves around the powers of ice. Even i learned it!

Blast: Me too!

Jaiden: I learned it.

TimTom: Jaiden has ice powers? Cool! Literally!

Blast: I know, right? She's the "coolest".

Jaiden: Sorry, but right now, I'm not using my ice powers.

Blast: Ok. You're cool even without them. So, should we get going to stop Auto-Jaiden?

Two visitors enter: TonyvToons and SomeThingElseYT.

Tony: Hey, Jaiden!

Jaiden: Oh, hey, Tony!

Adam: What's going on, Jay?

Jaiden: Trying to stop a robotic clone of me I made from destroying Arizona and potentially the world.

Tony: Sounds cool!

Blast: Hey, that's my line!

Jaiden, Tony, TimTom, Adam, James, Jenny, Blast and Ari enter the vehicle.

Jaiden: *starts up the car* Okay, let's go!

While driving.....

TimTom: I'm hungry. Any snacks?

Jaiden: There's a bunch of cookies in the glove box.

TimTom looks in the glovebox, and finds a cookie jar. He opens it...

TimTom: I got gypped! There's no cookies here! Who ate the cookies?

Tony: *eating all the cookies* Uh, oops.

TimTom: *sigh*

Jenny: Good thing i brought some hot dogs. *starts eating them*

Blast: I want something to eat too...

Jenny: I brought lots. You want some?

Blast: Oh, yeah! Thanks. *eating a hot dog*

Jaiden: Okay, so we tracked Auto-Jaiden's location. The GPS says it's downtown.

James: I'm hungry. Can we stop at a Wendy's?

Jaiden: *sigh* Sure thing.

The car stops at a Wendy's.

Jenny: Well, I guess we could use a break before we pursue the Jaidenbot.

Jaiden: So...what do you want?

Jenny: Just get me a Baconator. And a Frosty, too.

Minutes later, the Squad has already ate, and are now back to chasing the Jaidenbot.

Jenny: Hopefully we are not too late...

Adam: Hey, wait! I think I found it!

The Auto-Jaiden is running.

Jenny: Lets tangle. *Readies her Inkbrush*

Auto-Jaiden: Detecting group of enemies.

Blast: I think it saw us.

Auto-Jaiden: Enemies spotted. Charging lasers. Estimated time: T- 1 minute.

Tony: That's slow.

Blast: Yeah, that's pretty slow. Let's exploit that weakness to stop her!

Auto-Jaiden: Oh. Shoot. Rocket mode activated. *runs away quickly from the Squad*

Jaiden: Get that bot!

Everyone gets in the car and chases Auto-Jaiden.

Blast: She's getting away! Accelerate!

Jaiden: Can't. There's traffic cops littered everywhere. Gotta obey the law!

Traffic jam!

Adam: Crap, a traffic jam!

James is eating a jam sandwich. Ba-dum-tssh!

Blast: Wait, I think I've got an idea! I'll use my superpowers! *gets out of the car* Hold on tight to your seats, we're going to take off.

Tony: I'll pay you a ticket. Don't worry.

Blast: No, you don't get it. Look at this.

Blast uses his superpowers to help pass the traffic jam through the sky. He uses his super strength to lift the car, and his flight power to carry it through the sky. When they have already flied over the traffic jam, Blast puts the car back on the street.

Tony: I stand corrected.

Blast: Now let's go for Auto-Jaiden.

Jenny: I will destroy that thing! *rushes at the Jaidenbot*

Auto-Jaiden punches Jenny before she can even touch her.

Jenny: Ouch! Take this! *Uses the Inkstrike to attack the Jaiden-bot*

Auto-Jaiden: *gets hit, and sparks* Ouch. Prepare to meet your uttermost destruction, pests. *readies cannons*

Adam: Shoot, it's preparing to attack us!

Jenny: I can help! *grows big and uses Bubbler* Everybody, hide behind me!

Everyone hides behind Jenny. Auto-Jaiden fires the shot.

Blast: Wow... that was close.

Jenny: Yeah. But i protect people best I can. But we gotta destroy this thing!

Tony: It's getting away!

Blast: We can't let that happen! *runs at super speed and puts himself in front of Auto-Jaiden* Ha, ready for me? *looks at how powerful she is* Um... maybe it wasn't the best idea to run over here alone...

Auto-Jaiden punches Blast so hard it launches him to space and back. Blast lands so hard it breaks his bones.

Blast: *on the floor* Ouch...

Jaiden: BLAST! *to Auto-Jaiden* You menace!

Blast: *In a weak voice* Jaiden...

TimTom: Wait, how about we find the source of what caused this mess? Hmmm, we need to think of an operation name. Wait, I got it! How about, "Operation FindthesourceofwhatmakestheAutoJaidenevilsowecanputastoptothismadnessandheycanwemaybegetsomeicecreamafterthisI'"!

Tony: Maybe let's do that after we stop the Jaiden-bot.

Blast: *talking in a dramatic voice* Could this be my end? It could be! Good-bye cruel world! But, if this is the end for me.. I have to say something...

An ambulance arrives and picks Blast up.

Adam: That was close.

Blast: Oh well, I'll probably live, so forget it. (the ambulance leaves with Blast inside)

Jaiden: Wait! I'll try and call Parham for backup. *accidentally calls Blue Ocean instead of Rebecca* Hello, Rebecca? Wait, you're not Rebecca. Who cares, just come here.

Blue Ocean teleports next to Jaiden.

Blue Ocean: I'm not Rebecca, I'm Blue Ocean. However, I can help you out. What do you need?

Jaiden: Bluey, we need to stop the Auto-Jaiden!

TimTom: But first, we need to find out what's causing the mayhem with Auto-Jaiden.

Jenny: But who could be causing this? Could it be... no, it couldn't.

Blue Ocean: *opens his laptop* From the looks of this, it seems Auto-Jaiden has to be under someone's control, it's not a failure from her system, someone must be controlling her. I think I know who's behind this.

Jenny: *gulps I have bad feelings about this...

Blue Ocean: The one responsible for this is... *his laptop turns off* What!? No! It doesn't make any sense! My laptop had full battery! *The laptop turns on again, but looks different, and attacks Blue Ocean!* Ok, I heard weird stuff about being too much time on computers, but this is ridiculous!

Jaiden: Alright, Squadmates, time to rock!

Blue Ocean: *shoots his laptop, and it turns off* Phew... that was a close one. What I was saying, is that I know one enemy who could be controlling Auto-Jaiden, and that enemy is probably the same one who made my laptop go crazy like that. His name is...

Jenny: Who? Who is it?!?

Blue Ocean: Silico. *dramatic music plays*

Jenny: Silico? Who is that?

Jaiden: I never watched the PPG reboot, but I seem to know him.

Jenny: So he is behind this. But is he working alone, or with others?

Jaiden: We may never know.

Tony: Thank goodness we didn't bring our phones.

Blue Ocean: *Being attacked by his cellphone and his tablet* Speak for yourself... *Shoots lasers to both devices, which makes them stop attacking him* Better. Now be careful, Silico isn't a easy villain to defeat. He has control over computers, internet, and all electronic devices, so be careful.

James: Okay, let's track down this "Silico" dude and stop him!

Blue Ocean: Yeah! By the way, is Auto-Jaiden supposed to be coming at us like that?

The Auto-Jaiden is approaching!

Jaiden: Shoot!

Blue Ocean: Aah! *shoots lasers at Auto-Jaiden*

Jenny: YAAAAAAA! *smacks the Auto-Jaiden with her Inkbrush*. But where is the Silico dude?

Jaiden: One last blow! *shoots the Auto-Jaiden with the EMP gun*

Auto-Jaiden: *starts sparking and malfunctioning* Error: Too much damage. Self-destruct in 3...2...1.

The Auto-Jaiden explodes.

Tony: Woah! It just exploded! Now, let's go find Silico!

Jenny: Yeah!

Meanwhile, at Silico Industries....

Silico: I can see them approaching us now. What should we do?

Galaximus: You stay and fight them. I want to see what you are made of. In order to join the Galactic Army, you must prove yourself.

Silico: Okay. I will not disappoint.

Dark Jaiden: You better not, or I'll probably dump you in battery acid! Now, get that Animation Squad!

Silico: I am off! *Gets into his own robot and departs*

Back to the Squad.

Tony: *this time, in the drivers seat* So...I think I found where Silico is.

Blue Ocean: Good. Let's get moving then.

Tony hits the gas pedal hard, making the car go fast.

Blue Ocean: Ok, I'll use my GPS to...

Jaiden: Not a good idea Blue Ocean...

Blue Ocean turns on his GPS device, just to be attacked again.

Blue Ocean: Waaah!

Jaiden: *Freezes the GPS device* Told you.

Blue Ocean: I hope we find Silico soon. I'm starting to get sick of all my devices attacking me.

Alex: *sneaks out of the backseat storage* Uhh, hey, guys!

James: Hey, Alex- Wait, what are you doing here?

Alex: I was hiding this whole time, and I heard something about a Jaiden robot attacking Arizona, and some guy named Silico- i-it doesn't make sense to me, can one of you guys explain it to me?

Blue Ocean: You see, Jaiden had lots of work to do, so she created a robotic clone of herself named the Auto-Jaiden. But that Auto-Jaiden turned evil, and we've discovered it's because of a villain called Silico, well I discovered that part. Now we're heading to where Silico is to defeat him and that way stop the Auto-Jaiden.

Jaiden: Wait, I only told you a part of that. How'd you know the rest of the story?

Blue Ocean: Internet, duh. On internet you can learn about ANYTHING... *opens his eyes widely, and looks creepy while saying that last word.*

Jaiden: Um, ok?

Jenny: *Points to a place called Silico Industries* Would this be the place?

Blue Ocean: Yeah, that's it! Let's go and stop Silico!

James: Uhhh, I'll be staying here instead.

Adam: Me too.

Alex: Me three!

TimTom: Me four.

Jaiden: Okay then. Bye!*enters Silico Industries*

Tony: Uhhh, see ya! *enters Silico Industries as well*

Jenny: Alright Silico! Time to get revenge!

Silico: I am sorry, Jenny. But I am afraid it will be you guys that will be defeated.

Jaiden: Is that so? The Powerpuff Girls defeated you once, now we'll defeat you twice!

Blue Ocean: Yeah, what she said!

Silico: Well, I have been studying you all. Especially you... Jaiden. Your animations make it easy. *summons some of his robots*. If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you will get!

Blue Ocean: Oh, bring it on! *starts shooting lasers at the robots*

Tony: *grabs out a cookie launcher* Suh-weet! *shoots explosive cookies at the robots*

Blue Ocean: *keeps shooting lots of lasers at the robots, some of them blow up* I've got lots of experience fighting robots, you know.

Silico: Is that so? Then lets see how you like this! *gets into his robot, amd fires lasers at the Squad*

Blue Ocean: Oh no you won't! creates an energy forcefield* Guys, stay in the forcefield's radius!

Jenny: Taste my Inkbrush! *smashes Silico with her Inkbrush*

Jaiden: Oh geez! *shoots her EMP-gun at Silico*

Blue Ocean: It's time to shine! *shoots powerful lasers at Silico*

Tony: Eat explosive cookies! *shoots explosive cookies at Silico*

Blue Ocean: There's no way you're beating us Silico, you're outnumbered!

Silico: That is what you think. *summons Computer Bots*.

Jenny: I will deal with Silico. You guys take care of his minions!

Blue Ocean: Got it! *starts shooting lasers at the Computer Bots*

Jaiden: Okay! *shoots EMP blasts at the Computer Bots*

Tony: Hot order comin' up! *throws a giant cookie bomb at the Computer Bots*

Jenny: You're mine now, Silico! *grows and crashes into Silico's robot, destroying it*

Silico: *coughs* So typical, Jenny. Always using your size to defeat everyone. Just like my new friend.

Jenny: Friend?

Silico: Yes. You win this round. But i will be back! *It turned out Silico was a hologram, which disappears*

Jenny: That was just a hologram!

Blue Ocean: He was a hologram!? Ugh, supervillain clichés.

Jaiden: PPG reboot reference!

Meanwhile, at Galaximus's Lair...

Galaximus: Did you destroy them?

Silico: No. They won.

Galaximus: Grrrrr! I am gonna destroy you! *dangles Silico above her mouth*

Silico: No! Please give me another chance!

Dark Jaiden: Pretty unlikely.

Galaximus: I cannot have idiots like you around.

Dark Jaiden: Welp, time to dunk you in battery acid!

Silico is thrown into a pool of battery acid.

Galaximus: Hey, I was hungry... Oh well. Good job, my minion.

Dark Jaiden: Thank you!


Dark Jaiden: Oh, the cloning process is done! Lady Galaximus, I cloned each of the Animation Squad!

Galaximus: Excellent. We shall use these clones to destroy that Squad once and for all! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

Dark TimTom: *wakes up* Augh, augh! *coughs* So, uhh, what's going on?

Galaximus: Oh, nothing much. We are devising plans to destroy the Squad.

Dark Tony: The Squad, huh. You said something about the Squad? Well, we hate them!

Dark Alex: Goo' goo' g'joob!

Dark Jaiden: Dark Alex's undercooked.

Galaximus: Good. But how can we stop them? Those pests always escape me! Also, someone get me some food. I'm famished.

Dark Jaiden: I baked you some cookies! For now...we'll just plan.

Galaximus: Good thing we have these clones. Otherwise, we would be outnumbered. There must be a way to render those bugs helpless!

Dark Jaiden: Oh, we will find a way, Lady Galaximus. We will. MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

Jaiden's house. Everyone's at the living room.

Jaiden: Boy, that was a lot of work.

James: Yeah, I know, right?

Blue Ocean: True, but I'm glad I can use my cellphone again! *using his cellphone*

TimTom: Well, at least we can finally relax.

Adam: Yep! So....what should we do?

Tony: I dunno. BTW, where's Alex?

Alex: I baked cookies! *places a tray of cookies at the table*

Jaiden: Whoa!

Adam: Yum.

TimTom: Hopefully Tony doesn't eat it all–

Tony: COOKIES!!!! *eats all the cookies*

James: TONY!!! Why'dya eat all the cookies?!

Jaiden: *sigh* Oh well. Who wants Doritos? *brings out bags of Doritos*

Jenny: Doritos! Yummy! *strectches her tentacles out to grab the bag, and eats some*

Jaiden: Well, I guess this day turned out just fine! I wonder where Blast is though.....Meh, he'll be fine. *munches on some Doritos*

The end!

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