Peridot and Lapis try out human activities....and fail while they're at it.


  • Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli
  • Shelby Rabara as Peridot
  • Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl
  • Chris Pratt as Jelo
  • Jennifer Hale as various voices
  • Amanda Leighton as Blossom


(A sunny day in the barn, and- Wait, Jelo's here!)

Jelo: So, we meet again, barn!

(Peridot sees Jelo)

Peridot: Oh, hello Jelo! Nice to see you again! Lapis and I just finished watching the third season of Camp Pining Hearts. What are you doing?

Jelo: Anyway.... I'm just wandering around. Where was I? Oh, yes! We're going to introduce you to human activities.

Peridot: Human activities? That sounds like fun. Steven has told be about some of them, but I never got to try them personally. Want to try some human activities Lapis?

Lapis: Sure!


( Driving School!)

Peridot: So, this should be easy. I've flied ships from Homeworld before, I'm sure this has to be easier. So, how does this vehicle work?

(Their instructor is......Pearl.)

Peridot: So, Pearl, how do we start?

Pearl: I dunno, just start the car.

Peridot: Um, how?

Pearl: (sigh)

Lapis: Hey, how about you turn that key-thing?

Pearl: Whoa. How did you learn that?

Peridot: (turns the "key-thing" and the car starts) Wow, good one. So, now we've got to get the car moving. How do we do that?

Pearl: The gas pedal.

Lapis: I'll be taking the wheel.

Peridot: Ok. Now, it seems you have to press that gas pedal with your foot.

(Lapis hits the gas, but they go too fast!)

Pearl: TOO FAST! Slow down!

Peridot: We're gonna crash! Aah!

Lapis: Uh, I don't know!

Pearl: (sigh)

Lapis:Uh, Pearl? I think I broke it. (releases the gas, it's still not slowing down)

Pearl: The brakes!

(Lapis hits the brakes, but she broke the brake pedal!)

Lapis: Oops.

Peridot: Now what? We're going to crash!

(Lapis does a left turn!)

Peridot: Is there any other way to stop? I'll investigate. (searches for information on internet with her tablet)

Pearl: You...forgot...the...turn...signals...

Peridot: (reading information from internet) Um... Blue Ocean uploaded some data about driving on the internet. Maybe we should read it. I still don't get how he'd drive without fingers, though. So, uh, are we going to crash?

(The car crashes on a wall, but it still keeps going. The cop cars come!)

Peridot: (sees them coming) Aah! They're coming for us!

(The car drifts.)

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