The gang helps Leni get her driver's license, with very disastrous results. Emphasis on "disastrous".


(Screen turns on, showing the Loud house)

Lincoln: Y'know, sometimes Leni tries to get her driver's license.

Jelo: It always ends with the word: "Fail". Why, she probably doesn't know what to do and what not to do in the road.

Leni: I'm gonna get my driver's license!

Jelo: Ho boy.

Richard: Oh no! What if she fails?!

Torch: I'm afraid she might.

Luigi: We'll be on the lookout for that.

Jelo: Gee, I wonder what's her driving instructor today...

Kernely: Me too.

Jelo: Let's just help Leni.

Kernely: Good idea, Jelly!

Leni: YAY!

Lori: *thinking* (I don't think she's gonna pass.)

Jelo: (to the audience) Lori would do anything to stop Leni from passing. (whispering to the audience) Between you and me, my real name is Gerald.

Lola: *driving around in her Kiddie Car* Well, I have this car.

Lily: Poo poo!

Jelo: Uhh, training montage?

Starlow: HELLO YELLO!!!!

Leni: *startled* Y-You got me!

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