{ At a space ship.... }

SS: Meh... it's boring doing this.

EB: Agreed.

Monita: Guys, cheer up. I figured out how to attach a Wii U to me. Want to play?

Dippy Fresh: Sounds cool, yo!

Yee Dinosaur: YEE.

SS: Why not?

EB: That sounds fun.

Dippy Fresh: So, how do we use this thing, yo?

Monita: I almost forgot the controls and instructions!

*Monita hands them all remotes*

SS: This is going to be fun! Let me get my disco ball and sodas and chips so we can have a party!

Dippy Fresh: Right on, yo!

*5 hours later...*

EB: Wow. I actually managed to win!

SS: Congrats brother- AHHHHH!

*A meteor strikes their ship and makes it crash land into Earth.*

{ Meanwhile on Earth.... }

Jelo: Sooo....any plans for today?

AS: Well well well, look at what we got here.

Marine #278: What is it, boss?

AS: The Mushunder Ship, I see it.

HH: Let me out, you jerks!


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