For the original form of this character, see Rosalina.

Starlight Shroomer was a Cursed Shroomer made by Immortelle the Witch Hazel herself, at The Lair of the Dark Star. She was reverted back to her original form, Rosalina.

General Information

Starlight Shroomer barely made an appearance in her only room, The Lair of the Dark Star. The only thing notable was that she followed orders from Immortelle only and attacked the gang with no mercy.

Her attacks were exactly the same as her original counterpart but she cannot summon Lumas. This was because they are afraid of her.


There was no differences between Starlight Shroomer and her original counterpart. The clothes were borrowed from her, and appearances of a mushroom were taken.


  • Although it may seem this is Fairy27's last Cursed Shroomer character, Starlight Shroomer is not. There is someone else who's a Cursed Shroomer but the appearance is not shown just yet.
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