Stacheman Laboratory
Language: English/Italian
Stories: 2 (First Floor: Main Lab, Second Floor: Observatory)
Color(s): Gray metallic walls
Location Info
Street:  ???
City: None, It is an Isolated Area
County: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Behind the Scenes

Stacheman Lab is the house/lab of the Stacheman Brothers, This is where Paper and Doc conduct experiments, do research and do things that they do thats part of their job. It is a small lab with many rooms.


Main Lab

When you go inside the laboratory you are in the Main Lab, this is where Paper and Doc work. It is also one room with three stations.

Paper's Station

Where Paper is working, making gadgets and programming it. Located at the front-most of the room

Doc's Station

Where Doc is making medicine and testing how dangerous or good it could be using some machine. Also where he tests your blood. Located at the Right-most of the Room

Paypr's Station

A small amount of space, this is where Paypr works to make potions and dangerous chemicals. Located at the left-most of the room.

Right Door


There is a door at the right of the Main Lab and that leads you to the Bedroom, there are two futuristic looking beds which are Paper and Doc's beds.


Past the Bedroom is the Kitchen. The Kitchen is where Paper and Doc makes food, Healthy food is what Doc eats, and Paper can eat almost anything.

Butler's Quarters

The butler L-botson resides here, he has a TV, and some furniture here.

Doghouse Room

The metal dog Gigabite resides here. He got a pet bowl a box filled with chewy toys, and a Doghouse with a charging station.


Same bathroom but with futuristic appliances.

Left Door

Weapon Testing Room

Here are where the weapons are tested.

Biocreation Room

Make creatures here by mixing DNA, but it could take a while. However it isn't easy as it looks.

Robot Testing Room

Name says all.

Cloning Room

One of the more fascinating rooms, and where the friendly slime Paypr was born.

Emergency Rooms

Where Doc performs checkups on Patients, there are 5 of them in the Lab's Health Center, which is a long corridor with a Robot Nurse at the end of the room with a counter on front of her.

Surgery Rooms

Name says all.

Potion Testing Room

Where Paypr tests his potions.

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