Season 2 Part C Episode Unknown
Air date Unknown
Written by CITRONtanker
Directed by CITRONtanker
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Squidsville is an upcoming episode in the In a Locked Room series. In this episode, the gang enters Townsvile only to find it in terrible condition, crawling with evil Inklings! But the villains of Townsville are nowhere to be seen! Could this be the doings of Galaximus?


Code Orange! Galaximus has invaded Townsville and taken it over, hoping to use it as her base! And while the Powerpuff Girls have kept Townsville free of evil for many years, this could be its biggest threat yet. And the talk of The Tide, a deadly disease, is running rampant. Can Jenny and the Locked Room Gang stop Galaximus, and the possessed rogues gallery of Townsville villains, before the Inkling Goddess swallows up Earth?


  • This is the second episode to be written and directed by CITRONtanker.
  • This episode will focus on The Tide, which is a plague.
  • The gang will need to fight infected versions of Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Asra Nox, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the Amoeba Boys.
  • Sedusa was originally going to debut in this episode as one of the possessed villains, but CITRONtanker introduced her earlier and gave her a bigger role.
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