(Shows Townsville, gradually turning into a colorful, ink filled wasteland)

The city of Townsville.... IS UNDER ATTACK! Villains have overrun this once peaceful town... And things are getting squiddy...

Galaximus: The city of Townsvile, is all mine now! The cries of my triumph are long and loud!

Possessed Mojo Jojo: Townsvile's going down! All hail Galaximus with a frown!

HIM: And the Locked Room Gang.... IS GOING TO PAY!

Jenny; C'mon gang we gotta stop these villains! C'mon gang, we gotta take these fools down!

Galaximus: No way! No how! You can fight and resist but I will beat you! And I will destroy you tonight!

Possessed Princess Morbucks: Townsvie's going down! The Locked Room Gang is nowhere to be found!

Possessed Bossman: Townsvile's going down! Galaximus has made us the talk of the town!

Galaximus: And all of these people.... Are turning to squids!

Many Citizens of Townsville: Someone help us, our city is dying, Powerpuff Girls or anyone help us!

HIM: NO WAY! NO HOW! You will be kids and then squids now!

Galaximus: And we will destroy you tonight!

Galaximus, HIM, and Possesed Mojo Jojo: Towsnviles going Squidsvile, tonight! Whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Possesed Morbucks, Bossman, and Fuzzy Lumpkins: Towsnviles going Squidsvile, tonight! Whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Jenny: Stop this! We'll win! The Gang is strong and we defy your deeds!

Galaximus: Go home right now! Townsvile is dead, it's goin' down!

Can the Gang stop Townsville's greatest threat yet?

(The gang is showed surrounded by Evil Inklings, with The Tide steadily approaching)

Find out in this Ink-credible episode of In a Locked Room!


  • The song is a remix of Townsvile's Going Down from Powerpuff Girls.
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