A speed potion is a potion that can make a character move much faster than normal, and even make him/her act more energetic and run around.


This item first appeared in Region for the Sky, when Blue Ocean gave one of these potions to Slick to make him faster. In result, he ended up running out of control, and Red Fork and Blue Ocean chased him around without any success, until Petra shoots Slick, and Blue Ocean can return him to his normal state with an antidote.

Further in the same episode, Blue Ocean gives Slick another speed potion during the battle against Crush.

This item reappears in Mass Attack, when Red Fork drinks it and turns super-speedy. He uses this speed to steal more food from the picnic. Captain Red Shell tries to catch him, but failing painfully each time, similar to a Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner cartoon. Finally, a mysterious pony figure appears and stops Red Fork in his tracks, giving Blue Ocean time to apply the antidote, and return Red Fork to his normal state.

The item makes a short reappearance in A Hive of Trouble, when Blue Ocean sees Lance drink a speed syrup to go fast, and decides to take out a speed potion and drink it in order to run super fast in order to avoid the changelings.


  • The potion is blue, possibly refering to the fact that Sonic is blue and is very fast. In fact, before Blue Ocean gives Slick the speed potion, Slick says he'd like to be as fast as Sonic.
  • We've seen that this potion has an antidote that can counter it's effect. It's a red potion, as seen in Region for the Sky, when Blue Ocean sprays Slick with the red potion to return him to his normal state.
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