There are only two Time Traveling items left. Both were made by L.E.A.F. Although, there were so many more, but they were all destroyed by L.E.A.F. They ordered Pea to take both the Space-Time Pendant and Watch (the only two Time Traveling items spared) and go back in time to watch over T3PK. Clem managed to steal the Space-Time Pendant, though, and is determined to take the Watch as well.


The Space-Time Watch and Pendant both require to be recharged after usage. When activated, the user can choose what time period they'd like to go to, all the way to November 3, 1497 (or it'd destroy the Space-Time Continuum). After choosing, a black hole pops up, only lasting for a few seconds. Jumping in would send the person/people to whatever time period was chosen.

To recharge it, the user can either wait a week (depending how long they went back) or find carbon-optic fiber electrical cords charged into a mass energy object (like the Sun's energy, a power plant's energy, etc).

Because tinkering the Space-Time Continuum is difficult, it left the objects little room to block malicious entities from messing the time jump. Hacking into the Space-Time Watch and Pendant is surprisingly easy. If used without recharging, serious consequences will take upon the universe.

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