Sonic's Latios is Sonic's main, and only known, Pokémon.


Latios was originally found flying around Green Hill Zone, causing trouble. Many people attempted to take him out, but only Sonic was able to keep pace with him. He threw a Quick Ball at him, and successfully caught him. Latios became Sonic's main Pokémon after that.

Within the rooms, Latios was first seen when Sonic sent him out to fight Guzzlord. He used Dragon Pulse a few times, but was greatly weakened by Guzzlord's Crunch. Once the gang got back to the rooms, Sonic had Latios use Heal Pulse on Lucas.

Known Moves

  • Calm Mind: Causes Latios to empty his mind of harsh thoughts. This increases his Special Attack and Special Defense.
  • Dragon Pulse: An intense shock wave fired from Latios' mouth. This causes Dragon-type damage to the target.
  • Psychic: Latios emits a telekinetic force from his mind to deal Psychic-type damage. This has a small chance to decrease Special Defense.
  • Heal Pulse: Latios emits a magic pulse that heals allies.


  • Latios is blue and is known for being incredibly fast, just like Sonic. This is why giving Sonic a Latios was a no-brainer.
  • In Isolation Point, it's revealed that he is extremely afraid of Mimikyu.
    • This is a reference to the fact that Latios is Dragon/Psychic and Mimikyu is Ghost/Fairy, making both of Mimikyu's types are respectively super-effective against Latios'.
    • This also happens with Mew, although with only the Psychic type.
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