Skyline Pigeon is the 19th episode in Season 2 reserved on February 20, 2017 and was released on June 15, 2017.

In the episode, which takes place after IaLR, the gang visits a cliff resort and goes hang gliding. However, when Jelo ends up getting his hang glider ripped from high altitude, the gang must save Jelo from plummeting into the ocean.


The gang goes to a cliff resort! A hang glider resort is here, and the gang goes hang gliding! However, when Jelo ends up falling due to high altitude ripping his hang glider, this recreational activity instantly turns into a rescue mission that must be done quickly. Will the gang rescue Jelo before he plummets into the ocean?




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Moon Snail





  • This is the first episode to be named after a song by Elton John, the others being Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Rocket Man and Daniel.
    • This is also one of the few non-special episodes in which the gang is actually outside the rooms, being in a cliff resort.
      • This is because this takes place after IaLR.
  • Sun was mentioned during the episode, technically making this the only episode that isn't a special or story that he appeared in.
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