Shri McDee is a very hyper, crazy, funny, optimistic, life-saving, weird, and insane Shadow-shroom. Her nickname is NN (for no-namer) and is called NN by Kelvin, Escrape, and Pea. Later, they found out her real name was Shri, but they still call her NN. Kelvin, Pea, and Escrape met her because they were about to die because during the Modern Day, the zombies came from all sorts of portals. They already used all their coins on powerups, so NN saved them because she knew them. NN is looking for a way to prove herself to her family that he is capable of helping them against Zomboss.


NN, Kelvin, and Escrape all escaped an orphanage, went their separate ways, etc. In the present (when Bloom got sucked into portals and stuff) NN is president, and forgets all about Escrape and Kelvin, but Kelvin finds NN in the past and she hasn't been prez yet.


She is a very hyperactive mushroom, too much, in fact. Because she was neglected by her family, she yearns for love, which she finds by staying with T3PK. She acts immature, yet at times, sometimes helps the group by acting as an unknown force of what she can do if they're ever captured.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Act- NN can surprise enemies. She can act helpless at first, but formulate a plan later on to surprise attack the enemy when they don't expect her to be capable.
  • Energy- NN very hyper, so she has amazing amounts of energy. She bounces around and can jump over/on enemies or onto platforms too high.
  • Encouragement- Like Kelvin, NN acts as a secondary encouragement beacon. She is so optimistic that she usually is able to pick up the moods of her friends.

In a Locked Room series

Season 1B:

Ep. 30- Makes a cameo appearance on the season finale.

Ep. 31- Following up the events from the season 1 finale, he, along with Kelvin and Pea, enter a room marked 'parallel'. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know what it did, and accidentally re-unleashed all villains to the present-day world. Several PEKKAs also attack the Mayor's City Hall/base, so most characters don't trust T3PK (especially the mayor). The trio decides to rest for one day before moving on to find Bloom. Unfortunately, Pea is knocked unconscious by Clem and is held hostage. They manage to free him, and decide to rest for an additional day. The next morning, NN disappears.

Season 2A:

Ep. 11- Appeared in a flashback.
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She either may not appear in season 2 at all or only for a brief moment. People spying on the cast and crew didn't see her on set for season 2 until towards the end credits of the finale. However, there is a rumor speculating that she may re-appear in season 3 along with Arnold Schwarzenegger (who currently has an unknown role).

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