Sedusa is a chracter that was introduced in The Dream Dimension. She has been warped away from Townsvile into unknown lands She was a former enemy of The Powerpuff Girls, but now she has teamed up with the Locked Room Gang to fight evil and return to Townsvile. She blames HIM for this occurrence, and wants to defeat him.


  • She was originally going to make her debut in Squidsvile, as one of the hypnotized villains. But CITRONtanker introduced her earlier and gave her a bigger role. This is because he thought Sedusa was underrated and deserved a bigger role.
  • Despite them both being villains of Townsvile, Sedusa despises HIM.
  • Secretly, Sedusa is CITRONtanker's favorite PPG villain behind HIM and Mojo Jojo, which is why he introduced Sedusa into IaLR.
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