Season 3 of In a Locked Room is the currently ongoing season of the roleplay. It starts with The Room of Foodtopia, and hasn't ended yet. Unlike the previous seasons, episodes won't be reserved, and instead the users will implement a new system of voting after each episode for who makes the next episode.

Unlike Season 2's darker motif caused by DJayKn1ght's plots and themes, Season 3 aims to be a bit lighthearted than the previous season, as JeloJellyJam didn't want IaLR to "cross the edge" and become a "drama show".

Season 3 Episodes

1. The Room of Foodtopia

Created by: Redfork2000

After detecting large amounts of energy in the Locked Rooms, the gang decides to go back into the Locked Rooms to hunt down the source of that energy, which is probably another black crystal. The search leads them to a new room they hadn't visited before, one room entirely made out of food. Encountering allies and enemies along the way, the gang must find the source of energy hidden in this room before it falls into the wrong hands.

2. Corporate Sellout

Created by: PaperMarioFan1000

As the gang enter inside the next room, they're in a natural area, as they proceed, they find a crystal dead ahead! But as they try to grab it, the security of the greedy and prideful Claudio Compaciuto take it on front of their eyes and run to an extremely huge corporate building with factories behind it managed by The Claudio Avido Co. with many floors! The gang has to trek through all the floors and take the crystal back!

3. A Hive of Trouble

Created by: Redfork2000

The gang arrives at a barren wasteland of a dimension with a dark sky and arid ground. The gang is surprised when they find out this land is in fact Cuckoo Land, Unikitty's home dimension. After talking to her, the gang finds out that her dimension has been taken over by an evil queen and her subjects. Looks like it's up to the gang to defeat the evil queen and restore Cuckoo Land to it's former glory!

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