"You see, I possess the powers to control the tides, call in sea creatures and cast the storms. I am a valuable piece of gemstone, much more valuable than gold. Pirates out there have been hunting me down for years, and it's about time I take a break."
— Sean Sapphire to the gang

"It's "Shawn", not "Sea-en"!"
— Sean Sapphire when someone mispronounces his name

Sean Sapphire is a main character originating from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. He is a pirate gemstone who has once ventured in the Sapphire Seas, with a strong fighting spirit for honor and justice. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Sean Sapphire has a completely round-shaped body and wears an eye patch on his left eye, a red bandana with a skull on his head, a tattered white shirt with what appears to be a drawing of an octopus monster, a golden pirate's hook on his right hand, a seaweed "band-aid" on his right arm, blue tattered pants and brown boots. He also carries a wooden barrel that stores his weapons and belongings wherever he goes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: Sean Sapphire possesses water powers, allowing him to use water attacks at will. The catch is, the effectiveness of this ability depends heavily on how close Sean Sapphire is to a water body.
  • Storm Casting: Sean Sapphire can cast sea storms, but he usually reserves this ability for emergencies.
  • Tide Control: Sean Sapphire can control how fast or high the waves of the ocean can go.
  • Water Mobility: Despite gemstones being one of the worst victims to water physics, Sean Sapphire is very proficient in fighting and moving around underwater.


  • Swordfighting: Sean Sapphire is a skilled swordfighter, allowing him to wield and use swords. He can also use his pirate's hook as a backup sword if things get dicey.


  • Hydro Sword: Sean Sapphire's main weapon of choice, given to him by Metalshoe Jet. Allows him to channel his water attacks as well.
  • Pirate's Cannon: Sean Sapphire is able to operate a cannon and carry it in his barrel wherever he goes. The cannonballs fired from his cannon does huge explosive damage.
  • Pirate's Hook: Sean Sapphire wears a golden hook on his right hand, which he can use as a substitute weapon or to hook himself onto ledges and walls.


In "Sapphire Shortcoming", Sean Sapphire saves the gang from the giant shark. As they swim away, he tells Starcade that she is in grave danger due to her resemblance to Cala Maria, Captain Brineybeard's love interest. Shortly afterwards, he is kidnapped by Captain Brineybeard for him to impress "Cala Maria" (who is really just Starcade) and secretly coordinates with her when the latter gets taken away.

In "Diamond Disaster", Sean Sapphire is rather doubtful of Amelia Amethyst and questions her magic capabilities, considering that her spells did not work initially and her past actions when she was cursed back at Atro City. Diana Diamond also reveals that Sean Sapphire used to live in Gemstonia with the other gemstones.



Sean Sapphire respects Kyoji as a fellow warrior, knowing that he is the right person to protect Starcade at all costs. He sometimes trains together with Kyoji.


Starcade is very thankful when Sean Sapphire saved her in his debut, and the two share a deep bond.

The Gemstones

Sean Sapphire initially has his doubts of the other gemstones, especially after he was separated from them many years ago. However, as time passed by, he started to grow more attached towards them and will even try to take charge of the situation if things get out of control.

Red Ruby

While both gemstones share a common thirst for combat, Sean Sapphire isn't nearly as rash as Red Ruby is. He is more tolerant of Red Ruby's recklessness and hot temper than most of the other gang members, but even he would take the necessary actions if the latter ever goes too far.

Toby Topaz

Sean Sapphire has been a great support for Toby Topaz and will always try to stay by his side. While Toby is still very fearful and timid of the unknown, the two have been making progress.

Red Fork

Sean Sapphire greatly respects Red Fork as a leader, always ready to commit his service to him when necessary.

Captain Red Shell

Sean Sapphire is very loyal to Captain Red Shell, despite not being part of the Crab Empire. He admires and looks up to the latter, wanting to be a warrior just like him and learn his techniques.


Initially very cautious of Akasha, Sean Sapphire used to see her as a hindrance even if Captain Red Shell thinks otherwise. However, after seeing Akasha's true self and how much she has changed, he has been warming up to her.

Captain Blowhole

Naturally as Captain Blowhole is one of Captain Red Shell's archenemies, Sean Sapphire will always see to it that Captain Blowhole never succeeds at his plans.


Stats Sean Sapphire.png

Sean Sapphire shines in his defense and HP stats and has an above average power stat as well due to being highly experienced in combat. However, his mobility is rather low so he has to rely on defending himself from his opponents' attacks instead of dodging them. Ironically, despite Sean having one of the worst mobility stats and that water physics tend to have a negative impact on mobility, Sean is much better at moving and fighting underwater than above as he is very adapt in the aquatic environment. Sean also becomes stronger the closer he is to the ocean or other water builds, thanks to his water powers, but he generally does not do well in an environment where water builds are scarce.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Sean Sapphire is a C tier character. He is very experienced in combat and even more experienced in underwater combat with strong stats to support, but as characters in higher tiers tend to be faster and stronger, he does not stand much of a chance against most mid-tiers.




Exploring the Great Sea - Paper Mario- The Origami King OST Extended

Sean Sapphire's Battle Theme


  • He has a second uncle named Axel Aquamarine, an elder gemstone though not part of the Sapphire family. The latter will be introduced in Season 2 of Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem.
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