Sean is a male magical steampunker that first came at S2 EP14 P4 (Real - P3 but it was bad)

Dark Debut

Sean's Debut may be thinked to be at Popping Party at the Monkey City Part 4, But he REALLY been at debut on Part 3. However, Due to the Roleplayer not seeing the rules, Sean's role died until gained a second try at part 4.

Info and Personality

Sean fighting zombies is easy as a pie-pie for him. Hes good, And always ready to saving the crew with his Buddys.

When he gets dizzy (As showed in Summer Disaster) he starts to think that stuff is not the stuff (Example - Slide is a dino).

He got a pretty brave personality, He loves to help, And he oddly loves Yarrow for no reason. He currently plans Project XoYarrowXo.

Between Here we Are - Summer Disaster, Sean's Cosmog Form evolved into Cosmoem Form.

In Time Trouble (Part 4), Sean earned a new Magic Mushroom (Magic-Shroom) form to shrink Baby Jenny from being too big. He also learned in Part 3 that he will evolve his Cosmoem Form into Lunala Form. In Part 6, He found his Primal form. However, Unlike the other Primals, That Primal was EXTREMELY powerful, However, As (Will be) found in the last part, He is Weak to Cats. Because they are cute.

In Sean's Big Ink Trouble, He got fused with ink, And gained an Inkling Form.



He kinda loves the String, But in a crazy way - He attacks who attacks the String, Even The Gang.


Sean extremely hates Galaximus, Cause he finds her to be the main problem of the gang.


  • It is the most recent character to be Godmodding without knowing, Quiting the game, And getting a second chance.
  • Its unknown why Sean loves Yarrow.
  • He's a huge Porg fan.
  • He will often get in love with villain girls such as Fransisca. (is that her name)
  • Oddly, In the Universe, Theres a stone tablet that says (In Hebrew): "One day, A winner that knows the right and knows the bad will gain the infinite powers to protect everyone and summon characters from other unverses." It also says "The winner may be a one that starts with S and end i- (Part was destroyed)".


HD SeanInkling

Sean's Inkling Form, Armorwith

HD SeanInklingHelmetless

Sean's Inkling Form, Armorless

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