Script Was one of TheO0032's characters. He is one of the few alpha scripts who have an extreme amount of information about everything, and not under control of the powerful Script Master.


He often argued with me about whenever to go left or right. He attempts to lead everyone into HAWKINS' lair for plot, but fails often. He knows when things are about to blow up, and can sometimes actually help the group. He isn't a true villain (mostly comic relief), and never actually did anything bad (except be read by HAWKINS). He begins kind of like the annoying orange, but towards the middle reveals his true power, and uses it to quickly kill off characters.

In the locked rooms

He told everyone to go right many times, much to Nice Script's disappointment.


He knew what will happen if he does something. Therefore, he could say whatever brings him the most attention, deflect a sword in the perfect way, and the best part: Do random things based on "rifts", which are anywhere, and if you do the correct thing (usually moving), something will happen. Script knew what will happen and how to harness these rifts, which is what makes alpha scripts really powerful. However, he is dead, and TheO0032 is inactive. He has no info except for some teleportation rifts on the room of Undertale. He didn't use this in rooms 10-11.

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