"Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cedar, you two might not be official Gang members, but from the way the two of you fought, you are still members of the Gang in spirit. You two can go now if you wish. And if you stay with us, don't worry, for we can do this."
— Scottish Fold, after Sorbet Shark Cookie and Cedar help the gang defeat General Glider in A Hive Of Trouble.

Scottish Fold is a female Scottish Fold from the Hellopet universe who, after spotting some strawberry cake, was tricked into falling into a portal by a pet who went to school with her into the Lego Dimension, specifically Russian Blue, eventually encountering the Locked Room Gang during A Hive of Trouble.

She has interaction with the Locked Room Gang, having met Sans and Papyrus and was assumed to be a Familiar by Athena, and met several others as well. However, since she loves company, she joined the Gang as a member. She was aligned with the Gang as a Lawful Good member when she found them, for she loves justice, and despite knowing only a portion of the Gang, she is one of them now. She also loves cake. She is also very caring, which is why she stood in front of Sorbet Shark Cookie so she could protect them from General Glider in case it was necessary when the Gang fought General Glider, and would do the same for others as well.


For the most part, Scottish Fold is kind and sweet. However, at times she will be quite prickly. As seen in her debut, she can be shy when meeting new people, but it is a shyness that never lasts very long. She has a tendency to be worried about certain things and having certain fears. She wants only what's best for everyone, nothing more. However, she also can sometimes judge people before she knows everything about them on occasion. She also can be very quick to anger at times. However, despite developing somewhat of an alternative personality due to joining the Gang, she still sticks to her cute and friendly personality from Hellopet.

Powers and Abilities

  • Speech: Scottish Fold is able to speak like all animals from her universe.
  • Nature Manipulation: While Scottish Fold herself doesn't have the power to cast nature spells or, if she ever needed to, manipulate nature or destroy it, she does have a stick with three red roses and three pink roses at the top of it with a glowing thing embedded in it that can cast nature spells and manipulate nature, which is activated by whispering "Please" to it, and from that point acts based on the thoughts of the one who is holding it.




  • Sorbet Shark Cookie: Secretly cares deeply for them and thinks of them as a friend, but won't admit it. She secretly likes them and has a tiny crush on them.
  • Cedar: She dislikes him and is afraid of him due to him being a Changeling, but she shows friendliness to him after he helps defeat General Glider, an enemy Changeling in A Hive Of Trouble who works for Queen Chrysalis. Now she is willing to accept him as a friend somewhat.
  • Papyrus: The first member of the Gang she sees when she debuts in A Hive of Trouble as well as Sans. She finds him funny and amusing, silly, and a little too enthusiastic, but in all honesty, she admires him.
  • Fig Cookie: She finds him somewhat interesting. She thinks of him as a unique friend.
  • Truffle Cookie: She doesn't mind Truffle Cookie, but she doesn't know what to think of her either.
  • Millennial Tree Cookie: Even though Millennial Tree Cookie doesn't mind Scottish Fold for the most part, Scottish Fold has some tension with him, even calling him "evil tree" very inaccurately at some point due to anger about the possibility of Lance being killed when Millennial Tree Cookie told her to calm down.
  • Wind Archer Cookie: Scottish Fold has some tension between them due to the fact that Wind Archer Cookie knocked her unconscious and even threatened to shoot an arrow at her if she didn't calm down, and Wind Archer Cookie doesn't care about her that much either.
  • Futaba Sakura: Scottish Fold finds her very interesting and even creeps closer to her to find out more about her, even calling her "the most interesting human I've ever met".


  • Despite originating from a universe with no contact with the IaLR Universe, she recognised Sans when she first saw him, having seen him on the internet in her universe. This may suggest that Undertale exists as a video-game in the Hellopet universe.
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