Sasha Reese is a Blover living a few doors next door of Lucas's house. She's known him her whole life, and liked him when she was younger. She eventually married someone else, though. Although she liked Lucas, she'd always thought he was a tad bit strange- he disappeared for a while and reappeared, but acted like it was nothing.

Background: After her husband's death in a L.E.A.F. mission gone wrong, she developed PTSD. Sasha has been raising her daughter and centering her whole life on her daughter.


As aforementioned, she can be described as a home mom or a sweet, caring lady. She treats people who needs help, and feels guilty when being unable to help other people.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Kitchen Knife- Sasha had grabbed this from the Clem's camp's kitchen while using an outsider distraction. Because it wasn't allowed, she hid it. It is unknown since what has happened to it.

In a Locked Room series

Season 1A:

Ep. 4- Sasha and her daughter are introduced (to the main series). She becomes suspicious of Lucas's disappearances and decides to confront the mayor about it. She eventually learns about the Locked Rooms, and decides to enter them. Sasha does this mostly to find Lucas, but also to try to convince people to stop killing each other (because it is against her morals). She also meets Clem in the forest, but is immediately doubtful about her intentions as she'd lied to her about being a citizen of the city.

Ep. 5- Sasha is introduced to Clem's base camp, and to some of their ways. Clem lies to her that Kelvin and T3PK are the ones killing everything in the rooms, thus making her align her priorities with Clem's. Although, she very much still worries about her daughter and where she is. Sasha starts to become suspicious about how Clem runs the camp, and learns all about the rooms. She also meets Derek, but brushes him off, unknowing that he wanted to help.

Ep. 6- Sasha asks Derek for help to get her out of the camp. He refuses to, stating that if he were caught, he'd be punished. He reveals a bit of his past, and hints that he sided with Clem due to her army's force being greater. Sasha calls him a coward, which makes him angrily demand her to leave. The next day, someone attacks the camp, but Sasha uses the distraction to steal a kitchen knife and hide it in her building/room. As she closes the curtains, she makes eye contact with the intruder. Clem then establishes the rule that nobody came in or out without permission, and if they were caught, they'd be punished severely. This was due to the reason that break-ins were more common. Later, the Sasha and Derek agree, although in a negative matter, that the conversation they had the night before had never happened. As tensions in the camp escalates due to break-ins being more frequent, Sasha then demands Derek forcefully not to tell anyone that she wanted to leave, to which he also agrees. Towards the end, the next day, Sasha spots someone blow up the entrance and is taken into Clem's building, presumably as a prisoner.


Lucas's Archery Training- Taking place before Season 2, Sasha and Sarah are introduced. They go to Lucas's house on his birthday, where Sasha learns to shoot a bow and arrow. She tries to get her daughter to try, but Sarah refuses. They leave the party early, but give Lucas a cake they'd baked.


  • Although it seems strange that she has a 5 year old daughter at 16, plants mature differently than other species. This is technically normal for plants.
  • Her name is a tribute to Sasha Williams, a character in The Walking Dead, because her creator/roleplayer, DJayKn1ght, loves The Walking Dead.
    • This character was created on the same week Sasha Williams, from The Walking Dead, is preparing to assassinate Negan.
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