{{CharacterInfobox title = Sarah Reese|gender = Female|age = 5|nationality = Surburbian Plant|hometown = |Surburbian Lawn Neighborhood|personality = Kind, Determined/Stubborn, Crafty, Loving|species = Blover|goal = Find her mother|alignment = Good|nemesis = None (as of now)|profession = N/A|major = N/A|affiliations = None (as of now)|parents = Unnamed Deceased Dad
Sasha Reese|stepparents = N/A|siblings = N/A|stepsiblings = N/A|grandparents = Unknown|spouses = N/A|children = N/A|friends = Lucas
Pea Jay|enemies = None (as of now)|loveinterests = N/A|pets = N/A|title1 = Status|other1 = Alive|first = Lucas's Archery Training|last = IaLR (Season 2, Episode 11)|roleplayer = DJayKn1ght|image = File: sarahReese.png|voice = Tara Strong}} Sarah Reese is a young Blover living a few doors next door of Lucas's house with her mom.




Sarah cares about her mother, and is shown to be very worried whenever her mom is in trouble. However, she is also known to be very stubborn in some occasions, but overall, she can be thoughtful of others and cares about what they think.

She has a completely different view from Pea about trusting others. Upon meeting them, she decides to trust them automatically, unlike Pea's contrasting method.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • None- as of now.

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 6- Sarah finally appears after disappearing. Although, she seems to be in a state of shock, and looks as if she'd barely survived something. She immediately collapses. Pea quickly takes her into his tent, and tries to keep her alive and healthy. She tells Pea everything about her- her name, what she was doing, what had happened to her, and why she was lost. Pea agrees to take her to her mom, but along the way they meet Dark Shadow. Sarah reveals that the thing that attacked her was indeed a robot, and that it had just appeared out of nowhere. Pea distrusts the newcomer, but she ultimately gets Pea to let Dark Shadow stay with them. She struggles to fall asleep later when resting, and asks Pea to tell her a story. Dark Shadow instead tells her one, and she falls asleep next to Pea.

Ep. 9- TBA

Ep. 10- TBA

Ep. 11- After Pea's abduction, she (along with Dark Shadow and Black Gem) flee. Although, she demands that they go back to try and save Pea before they might kill him.


Lucas's Archery Training- Taking place before Season 2, Sasha and Sarah are introduced. They go to Lucas's house on his birthday, where her mom learns to shoot a bow and arrow. Sasha tries to get her to try, but Sarah refuses and instead insists on playing with her phone. They leave the party early, but give Lucas a cake they'd baked.


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