"I would make an egg related pun, but Papyrus wouldn't be able to take the yolk."
— Sans, in Brawl on a Vanishing Island

Sans is a skeleton Monster who originally lived in Snowdin and is currently living in Echo Creek. He is now a business partner with Grillby where they set up a chain of pubs/restaurants called "Grillby's Burgers & Fries". He was owned by SuperGaming101 but was given to CaptainRustbolt21, who would later return ownership back to him.


Sans is quite mysterious. According to him, he and all the other friends have been killed by Flowey the Flower many times.

Sans first appeared in Snowdin in the Undertale Locked Room. He led the gang through Snowdin and told them some tips. At the end of the Undertale Locked Room, he was angry at the gang for sparing Flowey the Flower and allowing him to flee. Papyrus wanted to come with the gang, and so Sans came to make sure he's okay in the Locked Rooms.

In The Room of Super Smash Bros, Sans easily managed to beat Super Monkey. After beating Super Monkey, he was up against Sonic the Hedgehog. They had a pretty close battle, but it ended when Sans got a Smash Ball and used his Final Smash on him. Soon after this, everyone revolted against Master Hand, causing the event where everyone knocked out got turned into a Trophy and turned evil. Sans helped out the gang against the evil versions of the knocked out characters.

In the Season 1 finale, Sans's SOUL was absorbed by Flowey the Flower, and he was revived when Asriel Dreemurr had given his SOUL back. Sans then noticed that someone was staring at him, but left the rooms anyway.

After a long time, Sans returns to the Locked Rooms with Papyrus in Chilling Night.


Sans is a short skeleton wearing a white shirt, blue jacket, black-and-white shorts, and a pair of white slippers. He normally has white dots for eyes, but when he is serious, they disappear. When he is using his telekinesis, his left eye glows bright blue and yellow.


Sans is laid back, calm, and is overall very friendly. He is somewhat lazy and loves to make puns. However, he also can be serious if he has to. If you do something that actually angers him, he will warn you with his "Do you wanna have a bad time?" catchphrase.

Following SG101's return, Sans's personality is being changed so that he can be less serious and focus more on puns and jokes, to be more true to the character. He is much more of a comic relief character, often being paired with Papyrus for jokes. While he does keep his serious side, he is now a lot more relaxed and tends to stay calm. He also now breaks the 4th wall quite a lot, for comedic effect.


  • Teleportation - Sans can teleport from place to place just by thinking about it. As long as he can remember what place it is, he can teleport there in a second. He prefers to call them "Shortcuts".
  • Gaster Blaster - They are giant skulls that Sans can summon so he can fire laser beams at his foes.
  • Telekinesis - Sans can use his telekinetic powers to throw his opponents around the place.
  • Bones - His basic attacks. Sans will summon bones from the ground and from his hands to attack.
  • Dodging - Although this ability may sound too plain, Sans can actually dodge all attacks, no matter how big and powerful, completely effortlessly, so as long as he still has some stamina in him.
  • JUDGMENT - Sans can actually use this ability to see his friend/opponent's SOUL and learn their HP, ATK, DEF, GOLD, EXP, and LOVE. He judges their ability, power, and how much of a threat they can become. If they have a LOVE lower than 10, he will disregard anyone as a threat, even to villains. However, if he judges someone and discovers that their LOVE is above 10, he will start to see them as a threat, although his reaction really depends on how high their LOVE is.



Sans's stats are mostly focused on speed, to make up for his terrible defense and HP. Because of this, Sans can easily dodge any attack that gets thrown at him, making it very difficult to land a hit on him. Sans also displays an impressive amount of intelligence, as he knows about alternate timelines and RESETs. It is also possible that Sans has once worked in The True Lab with W.D Gaster before. He can also work out a plan or a strategy in a battle, such as doing nothing against Chara, not allowing her to attack. Sans also has a large selection of attacks under his belt, such as Gaster Blasters, bones and telekiness just to name a few, making Sans a strong fighter. Sans can also be quite sneaky at times, being to easily sneak up on Frisk in Undertale, and he can also teleport to get around. Basically, Sans is a powerful fighter who can easily catch you off guard and is A tier at least.



Papyrus is Sans's younger brother, and they care deeply about eachother. Sans constantly refers to Papyrus as 'cool' and clearly loves his company. He loves cracking puns and pulling harmless pranks on Papyrus, with Papyrus occasionaly making puns as well, although usually unenthusiastically. As shown in his origin game, Sans gets angry with the player if they kill Papyrus. Sans is also very protective of Papyrus, like in Brawl on a Vanishing Island where he tells Papyrus to leave, sacrificing himself so Papyrus can be safe from Chara. Sans also tends to lie to Papyrus about certain things to make him feel better, not telling him the truth.


Gaster is Sans's father, and they share some history with eachother.



  • The Interlocked review for Sans reveals:
    • His favorite 'food' is ketchup.
    • He is happy that he can escape resets in the Locked Rooms, but he's not so sure about it anymore since Chara appeared.
    • His favorite game is 'Sleep Simulator'.
    • One of his favorite experiences in the Locked Rooms was getting to meet his future self.
    • His least favorite experience in the Locked Rooms was being killed by Chara.
    • That he prefers dogs over cats. However, this was revealed to be that he meant hot dogs instead.
    • His favorite pizza is... Pizza.
    • His favorite character that is not made by SuperGaming101 is Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • His ideal vacation is anywhere relaxing.
    • He has no crush. He revealed that he does not have a crush on Toriel, even though a lot of the internet thinks so.
    • He would like to be less lazy.
    • His one wish would be to finally stop RESETS.
    • He didn't exactly have a sad moment yet.
    • His plans for outside the rooms were to 'finally be able to relax for good.'
    • He was interested for Season 2.
    • Sans is the only hero that currently knows about RESETS.
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