Sanrio Room Smash Ball was a planned but scrapped episode made by Fairy27. There would have been only 1 part due to having almost no storyline, and was originally going to be placed in Season 2, Part B. In this episode, the Locked Room gang would have taken a break by playing basically ping-pong.

This episode eventually became scrapped. The reason of this is because the user didn't like the game it's based on at the end, and would not fit Season 2 (which the rooms have proper storylines), but would rather fit Season 1 instead (which is already over). It would also not fit the user's main Season 2 storyline.


1, 2, 3, hit the Smash Ball! The gang joins a friendly competition, with no villains allowed. That way, they take a break from them! Who will win this friendly competition?


The plot wasn't really implemented, even when it got scrapped. It composed of characters doing a competition to be a ping pong master, and a bit of pinball. The one who wins will get the key to the next room.

Notable Cast

Fairy27 had no new permanent cast to fill in, but Hello Kitty would have been free-use to everyone due to being a referee. The playable characters would've depend on the other users.


  • Part of an allusion, this was based on a game called Sanrio World Smash Ball!
  • This was the only room made by Fairy27 that no new characters of her were introduced until the creation of The Flash of Shadows, and technically Mystic Realm of Colors.
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