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Sam, short is a Time Lord who first debuted in Popping Party at the Monkey City.



Sam was a Time Lord who lived for a while on Galifrey. He later stole Clara Oswald and Ashildr's discarded TARDIS.

First, Second and Third Regenerations

Sam underwent three regenerations during the course of the Great Time War, narrowly preventing a fourth when a bullet designed to be fatal hit his shoulder instead.

Fourth Regeneration

In his attempt to steal Ashildr's TARDIS, the Time Lord Law Enforcement caught up with him and shot him in the chest with a bullet designed to prevent regeneration.

Fifth and Sixth Regenerations

Desperately trying to stay alive, Sam burnt up his Fifth and Sixth Regenerations while only changing his appearance once.

Seventh Regeneration

When originally transported into The Locked Rooms, he fell from a great height, dying.

Popping Party at the Monkey City

Sam's eighth incarnation suffered from post-regeneration insanity. He eventually found the gang, but was hit by a blimp in the process. Making him regenerate into a form strongly resembling Jelo Elducal, but feminine. The newly declared 'Samantha' helped in defeating the bloons and joined the gang.

Here we Are

Samantha fights the amalgamates, but regenerates in the process, turning into Carmen Samdiego.

Time Trouble

After spending months as Carmen Samdiego, he finally regenerates in order to save his future self. His newest form is a sadistic cold-hearted psychopath who will kill anyone who gets in his way. After spending a few minutes as Samdistic, he retook the mantle of Sam instead.

The Future

Sam is killed by Galaximus, and his past self revives him. He is currently a semi-active member of the gang, mostly appearing to stop his past self.


Unknown Wife

CreeperDNA has corfirmed that Sam has a wife back on Galifrey, currently in a Time Lock along with everyone else.


  • Sam's forms that don't appear are hinted to be male, as when Sam regenerated into Samantha, he remarked that it was his first time as a girl.
  • Sam, like all Time Lords, is bisexual due to Galifrey's lack of gender recognition.
  • Sam was originally a guy who could derive power from TV Shows, but this was retconned.

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