Rock-14s are vehicles ROCKFLAME can utilize in battle. They are made out of rocks andare based off of the retired F-14 Tomcat.



The normal version of the Rock-14, it is just a rock version of the F-14 that can split into pieces and become armor.


The Drillnose Rock-14, otherwise known as the Rock-14DR, has a drill nosecone. It has a drill-tank mode.

Holomatter Combiner

The Holomatter Combiner Rock-14 can form a VTOL Rock-14 by combining it with 574lk3r's Holomattercycle.


ROCKFLAME's usual Rock-14 type, it has multiple engines like FTL drives, transwarp drives, quantum engines and lots more, multiple weapons and it can become armor. Unlike the Redcat, the wings can become swords called Blaze Sabers. It is really the Survivalist-class Rock Core in disguise.


The rarest Rock-14, it can form a part of Humanitron. It usually forms the core of Humanitron as the Red Center, but if the White Center (Holomattercycle forming the head), the Green Center (Vinebike forming the head), the Yellow Center (Voltage Bomber forming the head) or the Code Center (Codebomber forming the head) is formed, it takes the spot of whichever vehicle forming the head uses when in the Red Center configuration.


A Rock-14 that has magnetic levitation landing gears and can become a tank with magnetic levitation, this Rock-14 is the second rarest Rock-14.

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