Ristar is a creature from another planet who had said planet invaded by "A lizard in a dress", and is now trying to rescue his father. After The Room of Foodtopia, he and Charmy Bee temporarily left the gang to pursue his father.


Ristar is a chipper, childish and friendly character. He's generally weird personality-wise, as he's an alien creature with little knowledge on human culture, and can even speak english without a translator. He's very confident and eager to fight to help those he knows.

Official Description

This adorable little star creature joined the gang to help save his father from Ripto! He's learned a lot from him, and has several strengths, such as being fairly nimble, swimming very well, but his most notable one is he ability to stretch his arms out and get a strong grip on things!


He first appeared in Dark Matters and Clockwork Conundrums in Stephen Hawkings' lab. He tried to explain to Gerald Edmarkson his entire situation, but spoke in an alien language. He was given a translator, allowing him to tell him about his missing father. The gang agreed to let him join the gang to find his dad.

During The Room of Foodtopia, he grabbed a banana bomb and tossed it at Bright Spark's Spark Banana mech, destroying it, but alerting Jawbreaker Guards. At the end of the room, he and Charmy Bee departed from the gang to pursue the former's father on their own.

Abilities and Weapons

  • Stretchy arms: He can stretch his arms out very far, and can keep a strong grip on things he grabs. This allows him to swing around and toss enemies with ease.
  • Translator: He has a translator to create english words out of his alien language.


  • Ripto: Ristar is very angry at Ripto for attacking his home planet and kidnapping his father. He shows this by humiliatingly calling him a "Lizard in a dress".

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