"I've made it clear many, many times! I! HATE! DRAGONS!"
— Ripto

Ripto is Moon Snail's villain character for Season 2. He's the one responsible for trapping most of MS' characters in the rooms.


Before the main events of In a Locked Room, he brought Barbarian King, Lucas and Sonic the Hedgehog to the locked rooms, and may have possibly brought many others. He wasn't directly seen in the series until Outside the Rooms, where he loomed over Lucas, until eventually kidnapping him and bringing him to his own kingdom, Riptonia.

He still stood back afterwards, letting his henchmen take out the gang instead. At one point, he was visited by Dark Dirigible Titan, who made a deal with him. If he agreed to help him destroy Monkey City, he'd allow his bloons into his army. He accepted, and the two became strong allies.

After his minions failed to capture the Cave monster, he and DDT decided to capture Nebby and/or MR Z BRAINZ, as they could lead to a very powerful creature.

Official Description

Beware of this evil sorcerer! He's taken many a traverser into these rooms, and he continues to fight them throughout the rooms! Especially watch out if you're a dragon. He has a huge hatred for those!

Abilities and Inventory

  • Pure Heart: He owns a Pure Heart, but is unaware of this. This has caused Dimentio to attack him multiple times.


  • Dark Dirigible Titan: His closest ally. DDT made a deal with him that allowed him to get control over the bloons, and he accepted. Afterwards, they became dangerous allies.
  • Torchy, Dark Dracul, Spyro and Kelvin Degries: Out of all of the heroes, he hates them the most, as they're dragons or resemble dragons.

Villainous Acts Done


  • Not counting forms, he, the Terraria Bosses, Necrola, Dark Dirigible Titan and Bowser Jr. are the only villain characters by Moon Snail.
  • He comes from the Spyro series, appearing in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.
  • Ironically, despite his intense hatred for dragons, he is often mistook for one.

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