Richard Melon is a Winter Melon living in a frost cave. He has a lot of weapons, such as frozen daggers and swords.

He likes to hang out with his friends, Torchy, Kernely, Pealy, Jay and Blovy.


He is nice to every good guy, but mean to every bad guy. Whenever he spots a zombie or other villain, he usually throws frozen melons at it.

In a Locked Room series

He made the team The Frozen Watermelons (formally The Icy Watermelons) with Torchy, Kernely, Pealy, Jay, Blovy, Prickles, Freezy and Ryan. He gained a lot more team members, such as Vina, Bubble and Me. He helped his friends do a challenge by flying on Torchy at full speed, while dodging things such as chairs. He also helped defeating evil clones and escaping some rooms of Portal. Jelo helps him whenever he can.
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