"Gary Garnet: I think Red's sus.
Red Ruby: What?! I'm not sus! You're sus! You got a problem with me?! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME?!
— Red Ruby if he plays Among Us

Red Ruby is a main character from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. He is an pyrotechnic specialist and ex-criminal from Exploder's Town, who used to spend his daily life blowing up stuff, robbing banks and committing other crimes of a similar calibre. Recently, he has been infamous for his role in the story Red Ruby Revolution, when he attempted a genocide plot against villains. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


In "Ruby Ruckus", Starcade and Kyoji enter the portal to Exploder's Town to look for Red Ruby, who is said to be one of the deadliest ruffians in the town. With the help of information spilled by Ribby and Croaks, the duo manage to track him down in his castle. Red Ruby was reluctant to follow suit at first, but was convinced right after Kyoji reprimands him of wasting his potential.

In "Garnet Gauntlet", Red Ruby enters Gary Garnet's office alone, as the door was only small enough for him to enter. Starcade and Kyoji overhear Red Ruby getting into a heated argument with Gary Garnet.

In "Sapphire Shortcoming", Red Ruby refuses to help the others save Starcade and Sean Sapphire, before revealing to everyone that he has been distraught over the gang's misfortunes and downfalls, explaining why he acts very hot-tempered in the first place. After that, he has a change of heart, and even admits to Gary Garnet that he regards him as a genius.

In "Amethyst Atrocity", Red Ruby was assigned to distract Amelia Amethyst and her zombified slaves so that the others can find the antidote to Amelia Amethyst's curse in her laboratory. After the gang leaves the laboratory, Red Ruby is seen wrapped in metallic chains, and is later freed once the gang flee the castle and board the Phantom Express to get the antidote.

In "Diamond Disaster", Diana Diamond reveals that he and the other gemstones used to live in Gemstonia.

In "Rainbow Gem vs the Forces of Evil", Red Ruby calls Shogo the Warlord by calling him a "dork", angering the latter to the point that he decides to crush him.


Red Ruby has a square-shaped body and wears an eye mask, a blue bandana supposedly for warding off demons, a band-aid on his cheek, a black T-shirt, spiky wristbands, blue pants, orange socks and brown shoes. He also appears to have a crack on his head.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrotechnics: Red Ruby possesses pyrotechnic powers, allowing him to use explosives and fire at will.
    • Dynamite Sticks: Red Ruby's signature attack. He can throw dynamite sticks at his opponents that explode. The dynamite sticks pack a punch, but they can be easily countered.
    • Fireworks: Red Ruby can use fireworks to propel himself into the air, temporarily granting him the power of flight. Alternatively, he can use them as missiles, though they do not do as much damage as actual missiles.
    • Pyrokinesis: By consuming or absorbing heat sources (e.g. a can of chili beans), Red Ruby will gain access to fire powers. Not only can he shoot fire blasts that do even more damage than explosives, he can also be immune to fire attacks as well.


  • Stealth: Red Ruby is skilled at sneaking past enemies, being experienced at pulling off heists as an ex-criminal.


  • Water: Red Ruby's explosives and fire attacks can be extinguished by water attacks. He is also unable to attack underwater, rendering him vulnerable.



At first, Red Ruby was very skeptical about Kyoji, and did not appreciate the latter for not approving his ideas. However, in later episodes, he has slowly warmed up to him and considers him as a true friend.


Starcade likes Red Ruby at first sight and finds him cute, much to the latter's chagrin. Red Ruby was also initially annoyed at her personality and was unwilling to help Kyoji save her, but like Kyoji, he begins to have a better relationship with Starcade.

Gary Garnet

Red Ruby and Gary Garnet are bitter rivals, and they tend to start heated arguments every time they meet. However, Red Ruby later admits to Gary Garnet in "Sapphire Shortcoming" that he secretly thinks the latter is a genius, implying that there is some friendship despite their rivalry.

The Gemstones

Red Ruby considers the gemstones as his friends, though he feels like he hates them sometimes. However, it is apparent that he shows Diana Diamond the most respect among the other gemstones.

Ink Splash

Red Ruby does not trust Ink Splash, as she once betrayed the gang in Red Fork's Rampage, while Ink Splash finds him annoying. Overall, they don't get along very well.

Dr. Zack

Red Ruby is determined to destroy Dr. Zack, just like all other villains. Near the end of The Ace Plan, he gets angry at the gang for letting Dr. Zack get away once again just like in Red Fork's Rampage and goes back to the gemstones' clubhouse, only to train himself until he is ready to destroy the evil doctor himself.

In the later seasons, Red Ruby's hatred for Dr. Zack begins to build up and as time passes, it becomes increasingly visible to the gang as well. He finally snaps at the end of The Ace Revenge after being stopped by the gang from trying to destroy Dr. Zack once again, not long before he plots to destroy the latter himself in Red Ruby Revolution. It is unknown, however, if Red Ruby still holds this hatred against Dr. Zack after he decides to stop his revenge plot.

Dr. Zack, on the other hand, simply views Red Ruby as a nuisance who is simply just another member of the gang.


Red Ruby considers Boom and his team as enemies, even after they were redeemed and joined the gang in "Bad Hair Day". Evidently, he hates Boom the most out of the four mostly due to their interactions when the latter was still a villain. However, their relationship only worsened when Boom joined the gang. Since then, Red Ruby begins to feel that he has been neglected due to his ideas being deemed reckless and that the gang is giving Boom and his team better treatment than him. As a result, he constantly gets into fights and arguments with Boom which prove to be more serious over time to the point that Red Fork sometimes has to use his powers just to get them to stop. In Red Ruby Revolution, Red Ruby finally loses it and goes all out on Boom, using his revenge plot against Dr. Zack as a chance to get rid of the latter as well, even calling him by "Opposite Blast". At the end of the story, however, he finally makes amends with Boom after realizing his mistakes.

Sergeant Romeo Ruby

Sergeant Romeo is Red Ruby's older brother. Red Ruby tends to act otherwise for the majority of Red Ruby Revolution, but he does show to genuinely love and care for Sergeant Romeo even after their plan had failed.

Soar, Sandra and Drake

Soar seems to hold a grudge against Red Ruby, who felt rather apologetic about destroying his hangar. Red Ruby, on the other hand, takes a strong disliking to the three and finds Sandra the most annoying one out of the three.

Red Fork

Pre-Red Ruby Revolution, Red Ruby was neutral towards Red Fork at first. However, as Red Ruby actively grew to be increasingly unstable, Red Fork started resorting to using magic just to stop him from doing anything so reckless that it stirs them unnecessary trouble. Not surprisingly, Red Ruby held a grudge against Red Fork for this, to the point that he decided to leave the gang for good and do things his own way.

Post-Red Ruby Revolution, however, Red Ruby finally understood why Red Fork had kept using his magic on him and feels sorry for not having realized the latter's true intentions. He has been trying to make it up to Red Fork ever since.


Stats Red Ruby.png

Red Ruby has one of the highest power stats, as his explosives are capable of dishing out high splash damage. He also has above average mobility and stealth, with overall good stamina and speed that allows him to run around pretty quickly. However, he has a rather low defense and HP stats compared to the other gemstones, being withstand to take a lot of damage. His intelligence stat isn't all that high either due to his recklessness getting in the way of his logical thinking most of the time.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Red Ruby is a C tier character. Despite having one of the highest power stats, his low HP stat forces him to rely on his high damage output and mobility to stand a chance against enemies with overall better stats than him.



Vs Susie - Remix Cover (Deltarune)

Red Ruby's Battle Theme


  • In "Rainbow Gem vs the Forces of Evil", it is revealed by Diana Diamond that Red Ruby is currently the fastest gemstone among the seven. However, Toby Topaz's speed can overtake his running speed if the former gets angry enough to attack.
  • Red Ruby is the only gemstone to know of Shogo the Warlord before the events of Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem.
  • In "Quest to Save Equestria", it is revealed that Red Ruby's attacks become much stronger when he eats spicy food.
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