Red Fork is a a pony that defends Equestria together with Twilight and her friends, along with some other allies such as Blue Ocean and others, and is now the leader of the Locked Room Gang, and one of it's most powerful members. He is owned by Redfork2000 and can be considered his main character.

Red Fork's first appearance was in Face the Music, together with Blue Ocean, Captain Red Shell and Blast.


Red Fork is adventurous and optimistic most of the time, so he's always the first of his group of friends to engage in some kind of adventure to save friends and other. He's usually care-free and likes fun, but when things get serious, he knows when it's time to get serious. His attitude to heroism described as "the cocky and self-confident hero who while others are worrying if they'll succeed, he just enjoys the moment as if it were something he does for fun", which to a degree, he does. Even when it's obvious the villain is more powerful, he still rams into it with optimism. He also appears to enjoy battling with opponents equal to his level, as seen with his fights against Fork-bot as well as his fight with Athena in Echo Call.

Of course, his overconfidence sometimes has brought him into trouble, but overall, he's always positive he can win a fight.

One of the things he's most famous for is his extreme appetite. He can easily devour several pizzas in seconds. For some, it's exaggeration, and maybe a bit gross, for others, it's fascinating.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Red Fork possesses great strength, and is stronger than most other members of the LRG. During his fight with Athena, he was able to use his hind legs and kick her with great force into a tree and has on multiple occasions destroyed Bright Spark's robots with ease.
  • Super Speed: Despite his massive weight, Red Fork can run at very high speeds, surpassing the maximum speed of most superpowered teens, which usually have super speed of their own. Only few members of the gang are faster, such as Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Magic: Red Fork's magic abilities are far superior than the average unicorn; the majority of his magic power is concentrated in his horn.
    • Magic Blasts: Red Fork can fire bursts of magic energy at varying speeds from his horn.
    • Levitation: Red Fork can use his horn to levitate objects.
    • Teleportation: Red Fork can teleport via magic. He often uses this to get out of tricky situations or for a surprise attack.

As Sun Fork

When put in contact with the Elements of Harmony, Red Fork becomes Sun Fork, essentially a super saiyan version of him, heavily increasing his magic powers, strength and endurance.


  • Peanuts: Red Fork is allergic to peanuts, and as seen in All That Glitters P1, it causes him to swell up like a balloon.



Red Fork has very high base stats. Red Fork combines powerful offense stats (with a very high power stat), and great defensive stats (excellent hp and above average defense). He also has very good mobility and intelligence. His only low stat is stealth, but Red Fork generally doesn't need to use stealth to win most match-ups. With his well-rounded and powerful stats across the board, Red Fork is one of the most powerful ponies in IaLR.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Ponies, Red Fork is in A tier, thanks to his powerful stats and abilities, that allow him to counter most other characters, while having very few weaknesses.

Relations with other characters

  • Blue Ocean: These two are best friends and together they are always a powerful duo, that can overcome pretty much any challenge when they work together.
  • Captain Red Shell: Although Red Fork usually subestimates him for being a small crab, Captain Red Shell proves to be a strong ally in most cases.
  • Blast: They are good friends, although they only recently met. They share a care-free and confident personality.
  • Dark Shadow: They are both allies and enemies. They sometimes work together, but in other cases show to be enemies.
  • Lemon Glass: They are good friends. They always get along very well, and care for each other and are sure to help each other when they need it.
  • The rest of the IaLR gang: he usually gets along with everyone else in the IaLR gang.
  • Bright Spark: Red Fork is Bright Spark's archnemesis. Always being the first to run and stop Bright Spark plans back in Equestria, these two unicorns have been enemies for a good long time.
  • Fork-bot: Red Fork sees Fork-bot as a formidable opponent, as this robot is one of the only inventions Bright Spark has made that can stand a chance against the red unicorn. However, as self-confident as he is, Red Fork will admit that Fork-bot has had him forced against the ropes in some occasion.
  • Red Spoon: Red Fork's younger cousin. The two of them share a strong relationship, and are always ready to help each other. Red Spoon and Red Fork admire each other for their qualities, and are a great team. Not to mention that Red Spoon makes Red Fork's favorite meals.
  • Twilight Sparkle: She is Red Fork's girlfriend. They share a strong relationship, and are always there for each other. One of the best examples of this occurs during The Battle Tournament, when Bright Spark kidnaps Twilight, and Red Fork abandons the tournament to go save Twilight. The conversation that follows demonstrates the close relationship between the two ponies.
  • Emily Green: While initially Emily seemed to hate Red Fork just as much as she hated Jelo, going as far as to interrupt Red Fork's speech out of pure frustration, during Time Turmoil Emily Green was given a chance to reform herself. Red Fork was one of the leading members of the gang that invited her to make that decision, and eventually join the gang. Now Emily Green considers Red Fork a great leader, and Red Fork encourages Emily Green to become more confident in herself and helps her become a better hero.
  • Metalshoe Jet: Metalshoe used to be one of the original Red Crystals, and one of Red Fork's best friends. However, after Metalshoe showed Red Fork the Hades Needle and it was revealed that they had different ideologies of what it meant to be a Red Crystal, they went separate ways. Eventually Metalshoe returned in Metalshoe Jet, joining the gang and helping them become stronger, but was defeated when Metalshoe showed them his ideology and the Hades Needle. Red Fork still misses Metalshoe, and wishes they could've solved this in a better way, since he really appreciated Metalshoe as a friend.
  • Athena: Their first encounter was in Echo Call, where they had a clash, with Red Fork trying to stop Athena from causing more destruction, and surprised to find an opponent that could actually keep up with him, as it doesn't happen too often. After the gang talks with Athena, Red Fork helps comfort Athena and suggests her that they can help her find Aurora. By the end of Echo Call, it seems to be that Red Fork and Athena may have developed a certain amount of respect towards each other, seeing each other as trustworthy allies.


"I want pizza!"
— In Face the Music, when he asks for pizza.

"Well, there goes the crab..."
— Red Fork's reaction when Captain Red Shell foolishly runs into the hypnotized crowd.


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  • The creator and roleplayer of this character based his username on the name of this character.
  • The character was created for his own series on December 27th, 2011.
  • Red Fork is well known for his ability to devour tons of food within seconds. In fact, several times he shows up eating large amounts of food.
  • Red Fork is known as the leader of the Red Crystals, which is a team of TGCC.
  • As seen in All That Glitters, he is allergic to peanuts.



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