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Red is the main character of Pokémon Origins, and the trainer of Charizard. He is a Pokemon Trainer, catching all the Pokemon in Kanto except for Mew. He is also the Champion of Kanto.


In Pokemon Origins, he caught all 150 Kanto Pokemon, and beat the Elite Four and the Champion, becoming the new Champion of Kanto.

One day, somebody suddenly teleported some of his Pokemon into the Locked Rooms, including Charizard.


Red starts out as a well-meaning polite klutz with a heart of gold. His father named him to be warm-hearted with a strong sense of adventure like a powerful fire. However, he's not without faults, as he tends to forget type-match ups, and towards the beginning of his journey, saw Pokémon as tools for battle rather than partners. Despite this, he has a strong sense of morality, and will quickly stand up for what he believes is right, even if others disagree.

Like in the games, it is hinted that Red is a prodigy, as he managed to beat Brock with very little experience and later accomplish incredible feats such as capturing Mewtwo and becoming Champion of Kanto, all without aging significantly.

Official Description

Red is the strongest Pokemon Trainer in Kanto! While he is the champion of Kanto, he also has taken trips to other places before, like to Alola!

Notable Pokémon

Red owns all 151 Pokemon, except for Mew, who will most likely be SuperGaming101's final Pokemon character.


Charizard is Red's favorite Pokemon, and uses him the most. He can also Mega Evolve his Charizard with his Mega Stone, transforming him into Mega Charizard X.


Red owns a Mewtwo, but not the one who appears as a main character.



Charizard is Red's favorite Pokemon. He loves his Charizard, and raised it ever since he was a Charmander.


While Blue is Red's rival, Red is also friends with him too, even traveling to Aloa together at the Battle Tree.



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