"To do what I do... it's TRICKY. I'll leave it at that."
— Re-Peat Moss

Ross Trixie Greinstein, AKA Re-Peat Moss is a main character who originates from Heroes Through Time and The Portal Problem. He is one of Green Shadow's sidekicks, always by her side along with Bonk Choy. His favorite word is "TRICKY", which also serves as a running gag in the series. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Green Shadow

Re-Peat Moss loves and treats Green Shadow with loyalty and respect. The two share a mother-son relationship, despite not being actually related.

Bonk Choy

Re-Peat Moss and Bonk Choy are great friends and occasionally friendly rivals, but they can get into arguments easily. Bonk Choy too has a knack of teasing him to be in love with Starcade, which causes him to blush and get mad at him. Nevertheless, the two of them often look out for each other and are willing to help with each other.

The PopCap Gang

Re-Peat Moss is neutral with the PopCap gang, though he usually interacts more with Zuma Frog. The two are great friends as they share common interests with one another.


In the episode "Stage Two" of the Portal Problem, Re-Peat Moss immediately gets attracted to Starcade's appearance at first sight and gets very excited when she flatters with him. In numerous episodes, he usually attempts to sacrifice himself to save her, though they end up alive in the end. On the other hand, Starcade does think that he is adorable.


The two do not interact much, but he is equally happy to reunite with Kyoji in "The Frost Awakens".

Re-Peat Boss

The two share a rather bitter rivalry, and are determined to defeat each other.

Rainbow Cookie

Initially, Re-Peat Moss is very skeptical of Rainbow Cookie, believing that she is up to no good. After learning the way she really is, he feels apologetic towards her.


  • Agility: Re-Peat Moss has a lightweight and bouncy build, which allows him to move around and dodge projectiles with ease.
  • Magic Tricks: Though Re-Peat Moss cannot use magic attacks, he can use magic tricks and card tricks for entertainment purposes.
  • Absorption: Re-Peat Moss' body has a rather unique trait that allows him to absorb small objects, and spew them out again anytime. This skill is mostly used for defensive purposes.
  • Karate: Thanks to Metalshoe Jet's upgrade - a powered bandana, Re-Peat Moss can use karate on his opponents which allows him to put up a bit of a fight.
  • Moulting: Re-Peat Moss can shed his current skin to grow a new one. He is unable to do this very often though.


  • Squishy Build: Not only is Re-Peat Moss one of the lightest members of the gang, he is also one of the easiest to defeat due to his terrible HP and defense stats. He does have his agility to help him, but even that alone is not enough for Re-Peat Moss to take down even several mid-tier characters.



Ruse of an Ooze

Re-Peat Moss' Battle Theme


  • Re-Peat Moss' favourite word "TRICKY" is based of his PvZH counterpart's Almanac entry, when the word "TRICKY" is capitalised.
  • In "Cruisin' Catastrophe", Re-Peat Moss' primary weapons were poker cards.
  • In "Aquatic Adventures", it is revealed that Re-Peat Moss could moult himself several times.
  • Re-Peat Moss was, and still is, the shortest character in PeaVZ108's roster.
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