"Well, that's just prime!"

ROCKFLAME is a character from the H4W-H4W universal stream. He is RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210's main character.


A leader when he needs to be. He's a friendly person, but he can get angry easily. He has a (formerly) secret crush on his teammate 574lk3r, but he's really embarrassed if anyone brings it up. He grew up on old music and cartoons, so he despises any "music" made after 2006. He also seems to use personality masks a lot, so nobody really know him as well as the Humanimals and Resistance Squad Omega-1. He is known to embody fire: destructive if left uncontrolled, but useful if used correctly.

In the locked rooms

He and his group ended up in the locked room after an accident. During battles, he fused with 574lk3r or D4rk51d3 or both of them for maximum power. When 574lk3r disappeared from the room, he ended up in a depression, but reverted the change. He ended up breaking the Chaos Heart's barrier with 574lk3r. Later, in Time Trouble, he met his ancestors and turned Galaximus into a game character. In Super Locked Room Sunshine, he embarks on a journey with Blaze the Cat to retrieve a weather-controlling weapon.


574lk3r: He has a (formerly) secret crush on 574lk3r and he used to wonder if she knows. If any harm comes to her, ROCKFLAME would rage.

Dark Flashlephant : D4rk51d3 used to be his best friend. ROCKFLAME used to trust D4rk51d3 so much that he told his secrets to D4rk51d3. Now, he doesn't know as D5 was evil the entire time.

A.K: A.K is a friend of his. ROCKFLAME promoted A.K to the Hacking Team second-in-command.

M.I.R.A.G.E: M.I.R.A.G.E is a friend of his.

71m3fr3d1c: 71m3fr3d1c is a friend of his.

5733lwh4l3: 5733lwh4l3 is a friend of his and he is somewhat concerned about some things involving 5733lwh4l3.

7h0ugh75c4n: ROCKFLAME and 7h0ugh75c4n are friends, but ROCKFLAME gets bossed around by her at times.

INVISIBLAZE: They are friends and they used to be in the same class.

Classic ROCKFLAME: They get along, but they worry that they might cause a paradox.


  • Inferno Blade (Stored in a leg-mounted scabbard, eventually replaced by Blitz Flariburn)
  • Humanimal Core (Takes the form of a buckler shield on his left arm)

ROCKFLAME carries in his Infinite Pack: 

  • His communicator
  • His fusion blaster.
  • A picture of 574lk3r
  • A Rock-14 controller
  • Notes
  • A Code Corruptor

Items stored in the Humanimal flagship:

  • The Overload Rock-14 (called into action most of the tiime)
  • Infernite, voltium and waviron armor (called into action when ROCKFLAME changes form into Electroflame (voltium), Flameageddon (infernite-210), Napalm Flame (infernite, Freezeflame (waviron) and Aquaflame (waviron) forms)
  • Old music CDs
  • CD player
  • Giant collection of Transformers toys

Aside from those, he has these:

  • His other Rock-14s
  • Schematics
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Laptop with G1 Autobot and Decepticon symbols


  • ROCKFLAME hates modern music (aka anything millenials call music after 2006) and cartoons (except Transformers Prime, Voltron Legendary Defender and Transformers Rescue Bots), similarly to his roleplayer.

"At least people actually pour their hearts and souls into old music and people put effort and reason into old cartoons. I have seen enough modern things to say this: Most modern music and cartoons have no effort or reason in them. I can't do better than the creators of those, but I know they can do better."
— ROCKFLAME on the topic of modern media.

  • As a result, ROCKFLAME likes history, as he consider the past golden.

"Everything tells a story, but whether the story is worth telling or not is up to the reader. I think modern media's stories aren't worth telling, but the past's lessons are worth retelling. The seeds of the future are buried in the past."
— ROCKFLAME on history.


Stan Bush - Dare Lyrics

Stan Bush - Dare Lyrics

ROCKFLAME's theme when engaging in a battle (Ground)

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

ROCKFLAME when using his Rock-14s.

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