Professor Monkey is a minor protagonist in the In a Locked Room series. He's known to be able to research, program, and decipher encrypted messages. He mostly used this information to help the Monkey City hero, Super Monkey, but after his death, he gives the information to everyone in the gang.



Abilities and Weapons

  • Supercomputer: He has a powerful computer that can translate messages and attain crucial information for combating bloons.
  • Super-smart Phone: He has a phone that is slightly less powerful than his supercomputer, but can deliver messages to others.


  • Super Monkey: Professor Monkey's information mostly went to Super Monkey himself, as he trusted him the most to perform his requests. As to be expected, he became depressed after Super Monkey died, and he hasn't taken action since Popping Party at the Monkey City as a result.


  • His name is Dr. Monkey in his source material, but he was called Professor Monkey as it fit more and sounded less villainous.
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