President Toilet clones are the clones of President Toilet.

In the locked room

Their mission is to kill Me, as he killed the original President Toilet. Some of them are kind, and some of them are evil. The most evil clone of them is President Toilet VIII.

Clones death

  • President Toilet II: Me shoots an anti toilet missle at him.
  • President Toilet III: Me engraves him.
  • President Toilet IV: Beng chokes him with a brick.
  • President Toilet V: Me sent him into a black hole to be constantly tortured. Later, he returned, but was sent into Ice Age by PRETENDER, and later died there.
  • President Toilet VI: Beng shattered him. When he was revived, he also got killed in the exact same way.
  • President Toilet VII: Got killed by being covered in slime. When he got revived, he was killed by President Toilet VIII.
  • President Toilet VIII: Realized he can't live if President Toilet V still lives. When he got revived, he is killed by cold temperature in Pluto.


  • They are both good and evil, similarly to Yin-Yang.
  • The only living clone of  President Toilet is VIII, and he was cloned as President Toilet VIII II.


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