The trailer transcript for Popping Party at the Monkey City.


The scene starts with a pan over Monkey City, with monkeys having a good time.

This is Monkey City. Within the walls of this beautiful city, the monkeys are safe from any danger, so they can live in peace...

The scene then changes to Dark Dirigible Titan in a volcanic area.

...Or so they thought.

The scene changes to the gang being talked to by a holograph of Professor Monkey.

With the help of Ripto, the Bloon Master DDT has now been able to ruin the peace of the city and invade it with his bloon minions!

The scene changes again

Sonic: Blast away! *Spindashes into some bloons*

Now the gang must protect the city at all costs! To do that, they must fight against five elite blimps called Z.O.M.G.s...

The gang is now fighting against a Z.O.M.G. in another volcanic area.

Will they succeed in this mission?


Or will they perish alongside the city?

The gang is now being cornered by DDT, slowly approaching them. The screen cuts to black.

...Find out soon... In Popping Party at the Monkey City.

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