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Popping Party at the Monkey City
Season 2
Episode no. 16
Ep. overall 52
Created by Moon Snail
Story by Moon Snail
Roleplayers TBA
Release date TBA
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
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Glass Onion Here we Are

Popping Party at the Monkey City is a season 2 episode made by Moon Snail. It revolves around the Monkey City, and how it's under attack by Dark Dirigible Titan.


The gang find themselves in the Monkey City, a city where monkeys live in peace! Or rather, lived, as the bloons are now constantly invading under the commands of the Dark Dirigible Titan. Everyone must find this dangerous blimp before the bloons completely ravage this once amazing city!






"Neptune: Blegh, what the hell was I on?

Creeper: (to Neptune) By the looks of it, weed."
— Creeper and Neptune after she was hypnotised by Zomboss, but Creeper thinking that it was Mirage, hence the joke.


* - denotes a character's first appearance



(In order of appearance)


The Planted AKEE





Phantom of Ra

Play Dash (Bad Debut At Part 3, Normal Debut At Part 4)


  • The room is based off of Bloons Monkey City.
  • This is one of the rooms that takes place outside of the rooms. However, this one is still within the IALR timeline. The reason everyone's outside is because they were temporarily summoned here by Professor Monkey.
  • The episode was planned to be scrapped at one point, but this was decided against.
  • Part 3 was once closed by SuperGaming101 even though it was not finished, who temporarily started Here we Are early.
    • This is because he didn't get the plot. Fortunately, the forum mod Fairy27 fixed SG101'S mistakes.
    • Also, There was a problem with Play Dash in which he godmodded without knowing in the 3rd part. However, He glitched the plot for a second and made everything like it was before he showed.
      • Play Dash fixed his problems at Part 4, And now hes officialy a roleplayer at the story.