Polari is a notable member of The Lumas and is Rosalina's most trusted adviser. He has extensive knowledge of the Comet Observatory, and guides visitors in result. He is roleplayed by Fairy27.


Even though Polari has a role in Super Mario Galaxy, he did not appear in the room The Room of Super Mario Galaxy, which is based on the said game. Instead, he first appears in The Cloud Cuckoo Lander, as he was summoned by the Staranslator. He told Yoshi more about it and its function. Afterwards, he dashes back.


Polari is a Black Luma, which is the rarest color variation in the species. He shares some similarities with Toadsworth - Both are older members of their respective species, both are highly protective of the person they advise, and both have a coloration that is unusual when compared to others of their species.

Like all Lumas, Polari loves Star Bits. However, unlike the Lumas, he adds a little sour flavor to them. He also has a deeper pitch compared to the rest of the Lumas.

More Information

Polari's main ability is to turn into a map or a guide, like all other Black Lumas, but this is not a permanent ability. He has a vast variety of knowledge, but not to the extent from Rosalina's knowledge. His light or brightness is black and grey rather than white.


  • So far, Polari is the only known singular minor character of his roleplayer, but is still part of a minor species.
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