"Well, uhh... hi! I'm Pit, servant of Lady Palutena."
— Pit introducing himself to Athena.

Pit is an angel and loyal servant of Palutena, as well as the captain of her army. He is owned by JeloJellyJam.



Pit is generally a goodhearted and heroic character, possessing a strong sense of justice. He believes in protecting Earth and the heavens from those that seek their destruction. The angel is also very upbeat no matter what the situation, which certain characters, including both foe and ally, can find it a nuisance at times. He also is childish, gullible and naive.

Although not the smartest angel around, he is shown to be quite knowledgeable with video games, particularly from other Nintendo franchises.

His loyalty to Palutena is unmatched, as he's shown to take great pride in serving under the goddess. As a sign of respect and devotion, he always addresses her as "Lady Palutena". Pit even openly states the main reason he fights in the first place is because of her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Pit is far stronger than the average being.
  • Near-Immortality: Pit is nearly immortal, and has been around for hundreds of years.


  • Palutena Bow: The Palutena Bow is Pit's main weapon, having been painstakingly forged by Palutena herself, hence the namesake.





  • For the longest time, Pit didn't have a character page.
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