A baby dragon born to serve Zeus Ree, Piff loves to act like other kids in Earth's universe that are his age, claiming they have style. Although, his master tries to get him to act more formal in their crumbling world. Also, his master tries to make him a role model for other dragons due to other dragons becoming corrupt and evil. He is part of a community known as the Qui Residui Erants (or The Sanctumers).

Background: TBA


Piff is a playful, young dragon able to adapt to the world around him very easily. This is mostly due to the fact that he'd had lots of experience doing so, following Kelvin's universe's teenage kids' trends. Because of this, he talks in a sort of slang way. Also, because he can adapt so quickly, he is capable of both fighting and taking care of someone. He grows into a very close-bonded relationship with Kelvin due to their similarities in their morals and thought-sets. Being raised by Zeus caused some of Zeus's leadership, teaching skills, and values/traits to rub onto him. As an effect, he is also very loyal towards his loved ones.


  • TBA

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 8- Zeus introduces Piff to Kelvin. Piff then reveals Zeus is his master because he'd saved him when he was still in an egg. Piff can be considered Zeus's pet. Although, neither Zeus nor Piff usually put it that way. Zeus explains that an old tradition had told dragons to obey their masters until they were released. Although, that tradition had vanished in the modern times, and dragons were terrorizing people (which is why he's trying to make Piff a role model for others). The two form a close bond, and Piff claims that they're 'bros'. He offers Kelvin a small metal ball used once to grant any wish. The two walk to Zeus to try to find out where Pea and NN are by asking him, but run into a priest. Piff introduces him as Fr. Tristan Valdez, Zeus's main advisor. Ironically, though, it's later revealed that he's hoarding up most of the food due to the fear of starving to death, but nobody knows this. Later, when Zeus allows Kelvin to ask one question, Piff advises Kelvin to choose one he'd like to be answered most. Although, Kelvin decides to stay to wait for Pea, but Zeus halts him. He tells Kelvin to leave and find someone to help the Sanctum against an approaching Shriek Freak horde. Angered, Kelvin and Piff demand to know why he can't stay. Zeus explains that the fall of the Sanctum would cause the multiverse to crumble due to it relying on magic. Kelvin agrees to leave, and Piff volunteers to go with him. Zeus hands Kelvin a book, believing that he'd learn magic by himself overnight, and Piff laughs jokingly at him. The next day, Kelvin and Piff make their way to the front gates where Zeus was waiting. Kelvin meets a mother, Jacqui, and her son, Trent, and learns that Trent (and other kids) were required to help defend the wall in order to keep the Sanctum's walls from falling to Shriek Freaks. Kelvin and Piff agree to hurry and do their quest quickly for the sake of the Sanctum. Zeus teleports Kelvin to his friends despite Kelvin's unknowingness about magic right.  

Ep. 10- TBA


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