Pichu is a stand-alone or wild Pokemon character appearing in the series In a Locked Room. Even though it will mostly appear on present-day episodes, it debuted in Locked Room 3D World with its quick minor appearance, showing it will have experiences with the Locked Room Gang during the challenges. It has not been seen yet, but it has a fear of cookies, alive or not. Its gender has yet to be revealed. It is roleplayed by Fairy27.


Pichu is seen to be very mischievous, and likes to steal any items from anyone to get their attention. It mostly does this for fun, however, and likes to come back if the character or a group is interesting to it. It is very fond in doing this type of action, but it also likes to attack to get stronger and hopefully not damage itself. It wants to help the good side most of the time nowadays.


Pichu first appears in Locked Room 3D World, attacking Klitz repeatedly to push him into the lava as soon as he gets the last green coin, to obtain the Green Star for itself. It tries to run away, but Yoshi is quick enough to catch it. It gives him the Green Star back, then proceed to run away somewhere.

Pichu has yet to appear in a present-day episode.

Known Moves

No specific moves for Pichu have been seen at the moment.


  • This Pichu was based on its Super Smash Bros. Melee and the fangame Super Smash Flash 2 counterparts combined, although it is mostly the former, since the update for it to appear on the latter has yet to be released.
    • Upon the information reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this was changed to make it so that it is based from that game counterpart instead, but still retains some of its Super Smash Flash 2 characteristics.
  • It is Fairy27's first and only permanent stand-alone Pokemon character. The three Lake Guardians, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf only appear in all sections of Season 2 and nowhere else.
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