Petra is a character in the In a Locked Room series. She is a teenager Stunion who is a member of the Explodonaters. She likes to fight and is the second-in-command in the gang. She is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.



Petra is a no-nonsense fighter, similar to Bonk Choy from the PvZ Institute series, but unlike Bonk Choy, she also has a short temper. She is annoyed easily by Slick. Petra is also the most loyal plant to CB2.


Petra has brains, but not much of brawn. She has potent breath that cannot be treated by Flossom, and she also owns dual chloroplasma-powered stun guns.


Petra was a scrawny little Stunion, until rumour has it that CB2 went to Frostbite Caves to save her from a Sloth Gargantuar. Ever since, she decided to join The Explodonaters as a way to repay CB2.


  • Petra is similar to Petra from Minecraft Story Mode.
    • Both are female.
    • Both have somewhat the same personalities.
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