"Necessary? That's dumb. You live like that, and you'll get yourself killed."
— Pea Jay (Season 2, Episode 9)

Pea Jay, a peashooter with an mysterious background, is an agent supposedly sent back in time by Crazy Dave. He is the last remaining survivor of L.E.A.F. Though, this is unknown by anyone except for T3PK and Clem.

Pea felt guilty over Escrape's death, and felt like he'd failed his job over protecting the T3PK. Thus, this made him cranky towards the LR gang (and especially Jelo because he seemed to be the LR gang's leader). NN's disappearance made this worse, but he finally admits all this. He departs after telling Kelvin that he was right, and that he couldn't protect anyone or watch them die.


Considered the best, Pea was sent back due to being able to do far more things than the rest. He looks like an average plant, but he is highly intelligent and athletic. He is faster, stronger, and smarter than usual people. Trained by the best, he can take down virtually any (normal) henchmen/opponents.


Pea Jay is a bit too prideful. He can lose his temper, but not as easy as other people. Although he can get destructive when angry, he can keep his cool very easily. He is a born leader and can think of solutions quickly. When treating Sarah, it's shown that he can be very gentle and caring when he's required to be, too. He has an almost opposite view than Sarah does when it comes to trust- he can't trust newcomers.

Before he'd told T3PK why he was so strange, they never trusted him. Telling them caused them to lose his trust, but only for a short time. He and T3PK now have a bond, and he's extremely loyal to them.

In Season 2A, Pea starts to conflict with his own personal morals and his goals. He gets into a heated argument with Kelvin over whether or not they should trust the LR gang. He later ultimately reveals he'd just taken his anger out on them and believes he can't protect anyone anymore after NN's disappearance and Escrape's death. He leaves the gang, but finds Sarah. Pea becomes stuck between wanting to die or getting Sarah to her mother and live. He becomes reckless, killing even if it's not necessary because of not stopping to question his actions.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Martial Arts- Pea Jay is a master at all forms of karate, fighting, boxing, etc. He can disarm opponents and recover from ambushes quickly. In fact, he can take down multiple enemies at once. Because he's so strong, he can knock down most doors and a few walls.
  • Hacking- He can disarm bombs, hack technology, and gain intell through electronics.
  • Accuracy- Pea Jay is an eagle-eye with weapons.
  • Planning- His high-above-intelligence helps him quickly formulate plans ahead of time. Because he was a former L.E.A.F. agent, most of his plans work.
  • Teleportation- Although he himself can't teleport, he owns the one of the two only existing teleportation devices (from the future)- the Space-Time Watch.
  • Space-Time Watch- This, along with the pendant, was given to him by L.E.A.F. to go back in time and protect T3PK. Although, Clem had taken the pendant, and Pea currently only has the Space-Time Watch. Because the pendant was taken, Pea values the Space-Time Watch greatly, and refuses to let it fall into the wrong hands. Both require very "advanced, high-tech ingredients" or a very long time to recharge.
  • Unknown Futuristic Guns- These guns are futuristic, according to him. Currently, it is unknown what's so special about them.


  • Space-Time Pendant- This, along with the watch, was given to him by L.E.A.F. to go back in time and protect T3PK. Although, Clem had taken the it, and Pea currently only has the Space-Time Watch. It requires very "advanced, high-tech ingredients" or a very long time to recharge, like the watch.

In a Locked Room series

Season 1B:

Ep. 30- Makes a cameo appearance on the season finale.

Ep. 31- Following up the events from the season 1 finale, he, along with NN and Kelvin, enter a room marked 'parallel'. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know what it did, and accidentally re-unleashed all villains to the present-day world. Several PEKKAs also attack the Mayor's City Hall/base, so most characters don't trust T3PK (especially the mayor). The three decide to rest one night before moving on to find Bloom, but Kelvin and NN decide to help the LR gang, despite Pea's disapproval. Unfortunately for him, he's caught off guard and knocked unconscious by Clem. After the encounter, he becomes distant and more annoyed for some reason. NN disappears, and he get angered as Kelvin becomes more and more friendly to the LR gang.

Season 2A:

Ep. 1- Kelvin and Pea proceed to look for NN, and to do so are forced to travel with the LR gang. Kelvin and Pea's views start to clash as Pea believes they'd taken NN (or Clem took her), but Kelvin believes they can help them look for her. Pea and Kelvin follow the LR gang, but Pea starts to despise Kelvin's ways of helping, as Kelvin had helped the LR gang on riddles and capturing a spirit. On the final floor, though, Pea prevents Kelvin from helping them fight, saying it's "not our problem". 

Ep. 2- Kelvin and Pea's clashing views only begin to worsen as they bicker over the Puzzleman fight. The gang decides to relax, so they start ice skating and skiing. Pea, annoyed, tells the group that they should be trying to move on get to the next room. Unfortunately, although he got his wish, the Fireside Girls are kidnapped, forcing the group to continue on either way. Kelvin eventually gets Pea to help, but Pea still refuses to consider the LR gang as friends or even at least allies. At the palace, after the fight, Pea and Kelvin stay to inspect the palace due to his suspicions.  

Ep. 3- Arriving late, Pea and Kelvin hastily retreat into an elevator. Although, Pea suddenly falls to the floor and seizures for an unknown reason. Barry, who'd entered the elevator later, then hypnotizes Pea to dance. Pea knocks Kelvin out, and proceeds to kill him by throwing him off the roof. The gang tries to stop him, and they eventually succeed by trapping him in a psychic bubble. Pea doesn't hear the music anymore, and snaps out of the spell. Although, he feels guilty about what had happened (claiming he's failing his mission to protect T3PK), even though he knew that he wasn't responsible. On the way down, Jelo simply tells Pea that he owes the group, but Pea overreacts to the point that forces Kelvin to shout and even get angry. Pea points at the group and says that those aren't their friends, and they never will. He then tells Kelvin he's waiting for an apology, then stomps off. Later, Kelvin finds a note written by Pea saying that Kelvin was right and that he was leaving due to being unable to protect the group.  

Ep. 6- Pea is revealed to have been slowly walking away from the group the long way. He hikes down a mountain in Crystal Ski Caverns, but rests for the night as it's seemingly dangerous. The next morning, someone looms over him, so he takes out his gun, prepared to shoot. It's actually a little girl- Sarah. Although, she seems to be in a state of shock, and looks as if she'd barely survived something. She immediately collapses. Pea quickly takes her into his tent, and tries to keep her alive and healthy. He eventually learns her name and what had happened to her, and agrees to find her mom and bring her to her. They form an immediate friendly bond. Along the way, they meet Dark Shadow, who Pea automatically doesn't trust. Sarah manages to get Pea to let him come along anyway because she had an opposite view of trusting him. Later, Dark Shadow tells Sarah a story to make her sleep, but it makes Pea angry because Dark Shadow had said that he protected his friends. Although Dark Shadow hadn't known, Pea had just abandoned his friends because he believed he couldn't protect them. Hearing Dark Shadow saying that caused Pea to give him the cold shoulder.

Ep. 9- TBA

Ep. 10- TBA

Ep. 11- After being captured, Pea believes that he will die. He starts to have flashbacks.


  • He shares the same voice actor as Jelo.
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