Paypr is a failed clone and "stupid character" of Paper. He may be a stupid character but he has intelligence. Unlike other dumb characters, Paypr is the only dumb character that helps the gang and still appears even if the Fourth Wall is fixed. Paypr is potrayed by PaperMarioFan1000.

Official Description

Cloned in Paper's Lab was this thing. He is immune to physical moves and damaged normally by magical blasts, or ranged weapons like a gun for example. But don't cross this man and you're toast i'm sure. Also, he can mold into creatures too, once he gets their DNA.


  • High Defense
  • Moderate Attack Power
  • Low Speed
  • Low Health
  • Ability: Potion Creation (5 types of potions: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Purple)
  • Ability 2: Mold - Become something when you taken their DNA.


Paypr is a care-free cloned human being that doesn't even care about the slightest things that are bad. However unlike Paper, Paypr isn't as smart as Paper is. However as time went on, he became as smart as he did.


Season 2

Paypr first appeared in the episode Humanimation. At first, Paypr speaks in a bad grammar. But as episodes passed, his grammar seems to be improving.

Items Owned

  • Mini Laser Gun
  • Huge Varieties of Potions.
  • "Press Me to Explode" Button
  • Chemistry Lab Kit

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