Papyrus's Victini is Papyrus's only known Pokemon.


Sans the Skeleton, Papyrus's brother, summoned a Victini and a Genesect, along with a couple of Master Balls. Papyrus used a Master Ball to catch Victini, and then they quickly became friends, thanks to Papyrus's innocent and friendly nature.

Papyrus wanted to have a Pokemon battle, and so he and Sans went on a team in a Pokemon battle against Lucas and Barbarian King. Papyrus's and Sans's Pokemon were stronger, but they lost because Lucas had much more Pokemon.

Known Moves

  • V-Create: A very powerful move that only Victini can learn. Victini's ears ignite into flames. The flames then disappear, leaving a V-shaped yellow flame around its head and a red aura around Victini's body. Victini then rushes towards its opponent and headbutts it, causing a gigantic explosion, doing devastating damage, probably one of the most damaging moves a Pokemon can learn other than Explosion and Self-Destruct. However, this move also lowers Victini's stats.
  • Searing Shot: Another move that is exclusive to Victini. Victini crouches its body together and its whole body glows pale red. Its body then becomes surrounded in a teardrop-shape red flame. It also surrounds its body in a round yellow fire. Victini then fires the flame from its body at the opponent, and it shoots at the opponent like a spinning meteor, dealing a good amount of damage that can also burn the target.


  • Victini is one of SuperGaming101's favorite Pokemon, and he thought that Victini's happy carefree and caring nature would suit Papyrus.
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