"And then I'll join the Royal Guard and become the greatest! Oh, wait, The Great Papyrus is already the greatest! Nyeh heh heh heh!"
— Papyrus

Papyrus is a skeleton who might be considered the most innocent character in the series. He was owned by SuperGaming101 but was given to CaptainRustbolt21, who would later return him again.


In the Source Material

Like Sans, there is also not much known about Papyrus's history. However, what we do know about his past is his father is W.D Gaster. A freak accident happened with one of Gaster's experiments, causing him to be lost in the void for a very long time. It's possible that Sans took care of a young Papyrus after this accident. Papyrus also doesn't remember Gaster as he was erased from existence, while Sans does.

During the events of Undertale, the player (playing as Frisk) encounters the brothers, Sans and Papyrus, in Snowdin. Papyrus attempts to capture Frisk, but he fails and he eventually gives up. Because of the player's power to reset, Papyrus kept going through the events of Undertale over and over again until finally being killed by the player in the Genocide Route. However, Frisk managed to take control of themselves and they reset the game, reviving Papyrus. Papyrus continued to live in Snowdin for a while, even when Flowey the Flower left the game for the locked rooms, causing some strange anomalies in the game.


Papyrus is a tall skeleton who wears armor that has a white chestplate with gold trim, orange-red gloves with gold trim, blue briefs with a golden belt, knee-high, orange-red boots, and a red scarf. His skull is more vertical and geometric and his eyes lack pupils and resemble vertical slits; his skeletal pseudo-brows form most of his expressions. He has eyeballs that show at times when he is experiencing strong emotions, although some consider this to be only a joke.


Papyrus is a flamboyant skeleton who presents a confident, charismatic image of himself. He works hard and, despite his brash personality, is kind at heart. He is optimistic and innocent even sometimes when he is about to get killed, as he believes in everybody that they can just be a good person if they really try. He is also occasionally stupid but he can also think up great ideas at times. He can also tend to brag about himself and his own achivements, overexaggerating, such as claming to be a celebrity and being an expert chef. It's possible that he does this so that more people would want to befriend him, as he loves to make new friends and he is always loyal to his friends. Papyrus doesn't like killing, as he thinks it is wrong, and so he refuses to do it under any circumstance. However, Papyrus doesn't mind fighting as long as nobody seriously gets hurt, thinking that a fair fight can be fun.

As seen with his brother, Papyrus despises laziness, and is very productive himself. This often causes Sans and Papyrus to get into arguments, although it's usually only harmless bickering, as Papyrus attempts to make Sans more productive. Papyrus enjoys puzzles, popularity, and of course, cooking spaghetti. He believes that everyone loves his spaghetti, when in reality everyone only pretends to like it to not hurt his feelings. This shows that Papyrus is usually unaware and oblivious of the truth in situlations. Papyrus is also very forgiving, forgiving even villians (for example Chara for their sins, while attempting to reform them into better people. Papyrus is also more emotional when compared to Sans, crying when he believed Sans was dead in The Room of Clash Royale, and also getting frustrated with Sans's puns and pranks, while Sans almost never shows emotions.


  • Bones - Papyrus has the ability to summon bones from the ground or his hands to use as weapons.
  • Blue Bones - If he summons a blue bone, you must stand still so it won't hurt you.
  • Gaster Blaster - Papyrus uses Gaster Blasters just like Sans, but he only uses them in his special attack.

History in IaLR

The Rooms

Papyrus first appeared in Snowdin in the Undertale Locked Room. He attempted to stop the gang with puzzles to capture them so that he could join the Royal Guard, as he believed they were humans because they told him that they were humans, as Sans requested. At the end of the Undertale Locked Room, he was eager to join the Locked Room with the gang to go on adventures with them, as he loves adventures. Sans tagged along to make sure Papyrus was OK. In The Room of Star Wars, Papyrus quickly became friends with his future self. In the Room of Super Mario Galaxy, Papyrus was eager to save Milo and Melissa.

In the Room of Clash Royale, Papyrus got really shocked and heartbroken when he saw that Sans was killed and turned into a Killer Robot by Necrola.

In The Lair of Dark Star, Papyrus manages to survive against all of the bosses. He was the one that convinced Asriel Dreemurr to stop fighting the gang the most.

In Face the Music, Papyrus was not affected by the disco music due to not having ears.

In Region for the Sky, Papyrus sends out his Victini to fight Guzzlord.

In The Wacky Bob-omb Factory, Papyrus didn't fight back against Chara, convinced that she can be a better person.

After a long time, Papyrus returns to the rooms with Sans in Chilling Night.





Sans is Papyrus's older brother, and the two share a close bond. They tend to bicker and get into a lot of shenagians, often started by Sans annoying Papyrus, but things are always okay in the end. Papyrus dislikes Sans's laziness, wishing he could be more productive. Despite this, Papyrus still loves Sans as a brother and cares about him a lot. He was in disbelief when Sans transformed into a Killer Robot in The Room of Clash Royale, crying, and he was relieved once Sans was reverted back to normal. Sans is one of the people that Papyrus spends the most time around, and are usually inseparable. He gets upset when Sans doesn't let Papyrus help him in Brawl on a Vanishing Island, showing that he wants to show that he is a good brother to Sans.

W.D Gaster

Gaster is Papyrus's father, and the two enjoy eachother's company, although Papyrus doesn't know Gaster too well. Papyrus, like many others, forgot about Gaster when he was erased from existance, only knowing about him from Sans. Papyrus doesn't refer to Gaster as his dad often, as he doesn't feel a father son connection due to Gaster not being in his life for so long. Regardless of this, Papyrus still loves him and vice versa.


Unlike others, Papyrus sees good in Chara, believing that she can be good if she just tries. He wants to help Chara stop her evil deeds, "teaching her a lesson in kindness". Papyrus doesn't want to kill or even hurt Chara, and he views her as a friend he hasn't made yet. In Brawl on a Vanishing Island, Papyrus reveals Chara's soft spot, and Chara temporary spares him, allowing him to escape with his life along with Sans and Gaster. However, other than this, Chara sees Papyrus as an obstacle that is in her way, and she won't hestiate to kill him. Chara refers to Papyrus as 'foolish and arrogant', saying that his blind faith in the goodness of others will lead him to his demise.







  • In the Season 1 Finale, Papyrus temporarily lost his ability to use bones for the room from the Dark Beacon.
    • Bones are Papyrus's most common and his favorite attack.
  • Papyrus is a fan of both very advanced and very simple books, such as "Advanced Puzzle Construction for Critical Minds", and "Peekaboo with Fluffy Bunny".
    • In Undertale, he stated that the ending of "Peekaboo with Fluffy Bunny" always gets him.
  • In the Underground, he used a social online website called "UnderNet", which can be compared to Lockbook.
    • His username in the "UnderNet" is "COOLSKELETON95".
  • Papyrus' friend requested everyone who had an account when Lockbook was first created.
  • According to Sans in Undertale, Papyrus never takes his battle body clothes off, unless he really needs to change into another outfit.
  • Papyrus has the least chance of being killed off out of SuperGaming's cast.
    • This has been joked about at different points in the series, with Papyrus saying that he wears 'plot armour' underneath his battle body.
  • He is SuperGaming101's favorite character to roleplay as, with Sans and Jevil both being close seconds.
  • Technically, Papyrus is the first character that SuperGaming played in IaLR, as he was played by him for a very short amount of The Room of Transformers. However, this appearence was retconned, making Red Guy his first character canonically. However, Red Guy was later killed off.
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