Outside the Rooms
Season Special
Episode no. 1
Ep. overall 31
Created by Chilly Bean BAM!
Story by None, although JeloJellyJam thought of an idea like this
Roleplayers Almost any character
Release date March 9, 2017
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
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The Lair of the Dark Star Puzzle Universe
Slumberparty Surprise

Outside the Rooms is the 1st Special Episode released in the In a Locked Room series.


The gang has made it outside the Locked Room universe! This covers their lives normally, but it won't be there for long. This freedom was temporary. Somewhere, the Locked Room universe is not normal. How would they were stopped to go there? What exactly happened?



Notable Features

  • The Power Factory Workers debut, but they make minor roles and don't come to the Locked Rooms.
  • Princess Daisy makes her first appearance here.
  • Robin makes his debut.
  • Mettaton makes his first proper appearance.
  • Kelvin makes his first proper appearance, and T3PK is introduced. More about Kelvin's past is revealed.
  • Pea makes his first proper appearance.
  • NN makes her first proper appearance.


  • Despite being a special episode, this also counts as a Season 1 episode.
  • This is the first special episode in the series.
  • This is the episode where TheO0032 and a few other roleplayers decided to quit.
  • This is the second room to not use the title play "The Room of  " after The Lair of the Dark Star.
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