"But that's the fun part! In this place, we do what we deem the best option!"
— Neptune[source]

Neptune is the main character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. Neptune is based off the Sega Neptune console, of which was never released. She is controlled by BoltBlizard.

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Neptune's main ability is a transformation skill, known as Hard Drive Divinity. To trigger this, Share energy is needed - and rewards whoever transformed with new strength, added abilities, and perhaps more effective ways of fighting. However, it's energy of course uses Share energy, and is thus not infinite. In her case, Neptune becomes Purple Heart.


Neptune is usually pretty laid-back, and is usually in a joyful mood. When push comes to shove, she's also the kind of girl who makes some kind of joke, albeit this comedic nature can sometimes land her in trouble - of which she can't normally handle herself.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart, the result of Neptune's HDD transformation.


As Purple Heart, Neptune is gifted the capability of flight, more defense, more power, and extra attacks to use. This also increases her stamina as a whole, so she can stay in the heat of battle for longer.


Purple Heart is typically the same as Neptune, except trade off the jokes and comedy for seriousness and more a ruthless, normally unforgiving personality. However, in some situations, she 'can' be somewhat sinister and/or flirtatious.



Hyperdimension Neptunia V - One,Two,Three Extended HD

Battle against Neptune


  • Even though she informed Mario and others about what life is like back in her dimension and while she mentions the main locations, she never mentions the names of her friends who are in the respective locations.
    • Since, only one of said friends she did not mention is now mentioned in IaLR: Blanc.
    • However, she does mention her sister back home on Planeptune, and according to her at that time, Neptune was trying to contact her.
      • Until The Cloud Cuckoo Lander, it failed (they joined as a minor character via a communication device Neptune had, which she is implied to still have).
      • However, in Locked Room 3D World, her sister has joined the group in person (Nepgear), and has since been a major character that is often appears with Neptune.
  • This is Bolt's first character who was originally a main character in their origin series.
    • In extension, Neptune is considered Bolt's main character out of their whole cast.
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