"Beware, NECROLA, QUEEN OF ROBOTS! You won't even get to see Thunder Mayhem!"
— Necrola, Queen of Robots

Necrola, Queen of Robots is a nightmarish form of Necrola made out of the parts of several killed bosses.


In addition to Necrola's abilities, she has:

  • Portal Gun++: She has a deeply enhanced portal gun mechanic, thanks to absorbing Moon Lord and Evil Chell.
  • Rift Manipulation: She can manipulate rifts, but not as well as Script and Evil Script.
  • Flight: She can fly thanks to taking Duke Fishron's wings.
  • Sharknado: She can summon Sharknadoes.
  • Megaton Punch: She can punch with enormous force, thanks to Golem.
  • Phantasmal Deathray: She took Moon Lord's ability to summon Phantasmal Deathrays.
  • Hand Drill: She can launch her hand to drill into the ground, similar to Master Hand's ability.
  • Dartling Gun: In addition to Necromites, she can use HAWKINS' darts to convert people into Killer Robots.
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