This is a transcript trailer for an upcoming episode of the In a Locked Room's Season 2, Mystic Realm of Colors. This may be extended later.

For the Locked Room Gang, it's a jungle out there!

Rosalina: Is this where the 4th being resides, beyond?

Voltaire: What 4th being?

Rosalina: That can be shared with everyone, but I'd rather let you see by yourself, if it's true.

(Screen shows a temple, but it's no ordinary area...)

Or is it? Not here! MusEnter the fabled Mystic Ruins!

Yoshi: Temple of puzzles? Trivia? Nah, none of those! This is like, only walking non-stop!

Klitz: Watch out! This is only a test!

Yoshi: Test of... *dodges a barrage of spikes* Whoa! I'm starting to get scared!

(Screen turns black, and a voice is heard)

???: *voiceover* Do not be afraid, I am with your guidance. I am not a mere being, but a spirit, and I shall be present in a big fight.

(As the screen shows a red orb transforming into something else...)

???: I am Tikal, and I need assistance here!

Voltaire: Look who's here that can't fight.*laughs*  Spirits can't fight, right?

(Seconds of silence. A random tumbleweed rolls in the background.)

Voltaire: ...I am wrong. Right?

(Screen shows the gang running from falling rocks)

Tikal: I want to keep peace, especially Chaos, who's now in the hunt of the Chaos Emeralds!

Rosalina: Real or not, this is troubling.

Will they...

(Screen shows the gang at the center of Mystic Ruins, with a hidden hole somewhere)

Yoshi: It's not here!

Klitz: Wait, I think I found it, but it's too small!

Tikal: It's the untold Realm of Colors. It'll show secrets needed. the secrets untold?

(Screen shows the three Lake Guardians somewhere in the ruins, speaking through telepathy)

Uxie: [They are here. The secret must be revealed to everyone.]

Mesprit: [There should be happiness after this!]

Azelf: [Hope it's not too late!]

(Screen shows water flooding, then zooms at the gang worried)

- In a Locked Room: Season 2, Unknown Episode - Mystic Realm of Colors -

(Coming Soon!)

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